How common is the camera rattle?

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I've read a few concerning reports that people's camera results? As if there's a loose piece in it.

How many people has this happened to? 


  • This camera can rattle by design. When motor closes the camera it is relatively tight until you place zenfone in a loose pocket and start moving or put down a few times on a solid surface. Then it gets loose and starts rattling. In that case you can light up your screen and tap the camera housing a few times (it will retract automatically) or click power button a few times (every time it corrects a bit). For sound dampening effect I've placed a bit of insulation tape into the hole, however it certainly will rattle from time to time. I hope it won't get worse after a year or two. 
  • i am not sure why people are forcefully trying to shake their device just to see if it rattles. for me it doesn't unless u shake it with extreme force and why would somebody do that. as already pointed by @ColorSage if you think its completely loose there are ways to get it back in the correct position.
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    Mostly it's fine. Very rarely does it rattle but I just click retract camera option and it's fixed.

    Like others said, it's just how it's designed.
  • Autofocus lense of camera rattles when shake in all phones.
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    Mine came loose and rattling right out of the box. The area around the camera also pops and clicks when pressed and that also seem to make the camera pop out and become loose.

    Even when it is properly retracted, the hinge is loose on one side and the module can be moved vertically up and down. It definitely seems like a design flaw and makes me concerned about the longevity of the product.

    I noticed that some of the reviewers noted the same thing, from Android Central about the camera module:

    "I'm starting to notice a slight wobble with the sensor even when it's not engaged. The motor itself still engages smoothly, and I haven't run into any issues, but I am worried about long-term durability. There are a lot of moving parts in the module — ASUS says it used 13 gears to provide a smooth rotating motion — meaning plenty of chances for something to go wrong."

  • If your unit has a loose hinge on one side, please contact your local ASUS repair center for a hardware repair. It sounds like something is wrong with your unit.

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    I have the same issue, but the problem is always resolved by clicking the "retract camera" button within Android's "Quick Settings" menu for me.

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