Finally worked the gdmn problem out

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This drove me absolutely spare for the last two years Off and on .

Let's go back a year or so when I reached out to you guys for help regarding an issue, every now and then my multi media unit would not understand my commands when using android auto and at the same time that this would happen, people who I would talk to via Bluetooth In my van could not understand me saying I am breaking up or just it's just a bad connection

I thought it was a Bluetooth issue and danishblunt tried to help thinking it was also a Bluetooth issue ( PS thanks for that db, this post is mainly for you because you really tried to help)

I ended up buying and trying various phones like the pixel pH ( I can't remember what model it was but it was the newest at the time) and the OnePlus 9 pro ( a mean lean phone I might add but just like Asus pathetic software updates) and eventually they all did it.

Ok enough crap I finally found a Toyota service guy ( thanks Luke - Preston Toyota) who worked it out. It was just a bit off crap or dust or something that had gone into the grill protecting the multi media microphone and bounced around in there interfering with the Microphone.

I have confirmed this by simply putting my mouth up to the grill which is directly above the Sun/ reading glasses slot when it plays up and blowing into it and like magic it's gone, the issue I mean

Unbelievable it had me on my knees praying to the late king Bluetooth, and you know,what I think he heard me and managed to get the technician in the right place at the right time like when I was around the corner from the dealership and he was around also around 😜

Don't you just love it when you finally work a puzzle out that robs your sleep 😴

On the next service they are going to pull the microphone unit apart and give it a good clean but a sly dig at Toyota for $50000 ++ really fix this it not only drove me nuts it cost me thousands of dollars in experimenting with different New phones for a brand new Toyota HiAce Van not good enough


  • that is actually quite the hilarious outcome. The microphone should have been better protected imo. Glad u figured out the issue tho.

  • Your telling me I was really pissed off at first but at least the bug is solved and now that it's on record as a know bug ( in the mic) who knows maybe Toyota will get on it ..... Yeah 🤣 but again thanks for your help man you were the only one that took me seriously so I had to post to let you know. Who knows it may come in handy when your trying to help a friend or customer in the future

  • PS still waiting for my gdnamn 14 Pro Max suppose to be in tomorrow 25/11/22 au time but not holding my breath

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    Yeah well you know me I love to try new Toys 😉.

    I figured I would try the 14 Pro Max mainly because of my need for a reliable navigation system that doesn't crap itself when your in an extremely built up area like a suburb we call Southbank. There are so many high rise buildings in such a congested area that when using android auto and you stop due to heavy traffic for to long the signal to a satellite seems to bounce off the buildings and reek havoc with its directions until you move off again. I know that iPhones will probably do the same but my colleagues assure me that iPlayer is better than AA in this regard.

    Also I don't like keeping a phone for more than a year or two Max ( unless it's a classic in my regards like this Z7 then I keep it for a backup) and with the Pro Max it will go straight into an otter box slap a tempered glass screen protector on it and trade it in when the 15 Pro Max comes out. At least that way It's always under warranty. I figure this will cost me about $800 a year well within my Tech budget.

    So there is some method to my madness, assuming that I like the swap to the opposition I suppose.

    PS that is if they ever deliver it, supposed to be in stock last Friday 25/11/22 but not delivered to the store yet so apple still playing games

  • You bought an Iphone for RELIABLE NAVIGATION? What the actual fk. Even the most diehard apple fan will gladly admit, that apples navigation is the worst hot garbage on this planet. Not to mention how apple loves to screw over their customer base, I can only think of 2 kinds of people who buy apple products: People who are masochists or people who hate money.

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    You really don't like apple do you LOL

    My wife would say I'm the former

  • With nothing but respect for you dB after 63 years on this planet I am learning not to trust word of mouth,tooo much,, having said that I do take it into account.

    People usually complain) post when they have a problem with an item not as much when they like it

    I need one pH to run navigation and one to run an app called optimo ( I have my reasons for not wanting to run them on the same device)

    So I will eventually use the better of the two for navigation and the other for optimo. If apple sucks at navigation I'll use it for optimo.

  • Hey dB have you heard anything if a new navigation system ( only testing now) that uses cell towers instead of satellites?

    It's supposed to fix the problem with built up areas using cell towers, obviously,so the signal doesn't bounce off buildings

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