Zenbook bloatware, optimization


I just got a Zenbook 14 Flip OLED and I'm trying to debloat it as much as possible. There's nothing I despise more than crap being installed and running on your brand new machine.

The MyAsus app is ok. It has a lot of functionality that I don't need however. All I need is:

Battery health charging, Fan profile, ASUS OLED care, OLED flicker free dimming and Color profiles.

I don't want any of the AI stuff, no target mode, no screen xpert, no myasus account, no glide whatever.

Is there anyway I can nuke these functions? like not just ignore them on that list but remove their entries completely. I also don't want the app to keep checking for updates automatically.

(That list +AsusSIAO system analysis IO, Asus Optimization and Asus System Analysis)

I fired up autoruns and I'm looking for some advice on what I can disable here without messing with the stuff that I actually need from MyAsus (above in bold).

Thank you.


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