Camera and fingerprint

Can anyone help me to solve problem

1. camera did't appear when i use it .open the camera after that screen is black.

2.fingerprint can't detect my finger, keep saying fingerprint too fast .but i'm keep doing slow.

Please help me, this happen after update latest system


  • Hardware problem. Repair center number 57667466

  • But no, ask @GRIDAS, just a minor bug on a fantastic and solid smartphone, @BANZAI must have confused it with a tennis racket.

    Otherwise, Monday @Jiaszzz_ASUS will certainly give him a FAQ to repair the fingerprint reader and another for the camera since he takes all ROG5/5S users for idiots here and even in China where it's a massacre Wi-Fi on ROG5/5S

  • At the moment, I don't have any problems with the camera...apart from that it doesn't scan the card included in the package, which in theory should start the AR demo.

    Instead, I too am experiencing problems with the fingerprint reader: nothing tragic but certainly annoying, as it often does not recognize any fingerprints (I registered 4) and/or tells me that my finger is too fast 😂 (absolutely false) .

    I noticed that by deleting the registered fingerprints and registering them again, it works perfectly for a while (recognition 100% of the time and also quite fast) but unfortunately it doesn't last long because after a bit of normal use of the phone the problem occurs again: it is probably another mini-bug related to some section of the software poorly written, such as the upper speaker bug.

    In any case, in my experience, Asus smartphones have never had much of a fingerprint reader...

  • Motherboard replacement required. I sent it in and they replaced my motherboard. I really hope it's an updated part. Otherwise, I am just waiting for it to die again.

    Good luck to us all...

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