UX425JA GPU on its way out?

MusicrabMusicrab Level 1
edited November 13 in ZenBook
  1. System: Windows11
  2. Battery or AC: either
  3. Model: UX425JA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: twice in the last week
  5. Reset OS: no but have set BIOS to defaults
  6. Screenshot or video: neither


Detailed description:A couple of issues with screen in the last week makes me think my GPU may be on its way out. 1st, screen would go black when moving mouse from one part of the screen to another - usually moving from desktop to a window. I changed GPU driver to Intel driver. Seemed to solve the issue.

Issue2. Later in the week, screen suddenly went completely grey (not black - could tell it was on though) with nothing being displayed. Powering off/on didn't fix it. What DID fix it was a BIOS "reset to defaults"

No problems since. Does this sound like a hardware issue? Thanks.


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