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  1. Model Name: Zenfone 9
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:always
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Hello everyone.

New to community and to Zenfone family and really impressed.

I am looking for the option to extend ram of the phone with the use of the internal memory ,something that it is really common to android phones but i could find it.

Can anyone help me?

Any help will be high appreciated



  • No answer at all.... What is going on here?

    No one?

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    Hello there,

    Although I do not claim to be any type of expert, or an employee of ASUS, I have been an avid Android user for many years. Hopefully someone with ASUS will respond shortly to advise with clarity either way.

    While attempting to research the question of utilizing virtual ram on these phones, I can confirm that there are a variety of phones from companies such as Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus and Ziaomi which have added their own software options to choose this feature. However, I am not currently finding any true approved option to do the same with the ASUS ZenFone 9. Perhaps by installing an aftermarket program, which may or may not require rooting the phone, it might be possible. Please note though that there are probably just as many articles advising against the process as there are for it. The biggest issue seems to be that Virtual Ram for Android Feature was truly designed to be accessed by installation of high-speed SD cards or possibly the internal storage when an SD card is unavailable. Either choice would almost always be slower than the physical ram / memory installed in the phones, such as with this model being LPDDR5. In fact, I am also seeing several newly written articles describing how to disable or even unstall these tools after finding that they may cause the entire system to run slower or affect battery life.

    Best recommendations for these ASUS phones appear to be disabling unused applications, which would regularly run in the background even when not being accessed. Turning off animations. Or perhaps try using the built in Memory Cleaner tool, which I have not personally even tried out yet. 

    I would like to wish you the best of luck with your search, regardless of findings or end result.

  • thanks for your reply.

    many companies have implemented the use of ram extention.

    Internal memory of phones, which is ufs 3.1 is not so slow comparing to sd cards.

    Ram extention in some cases help in multitasking etc...

  • I would like to applaud your efforts to expand the performance and capability of any device, and would certainly not want to discourage your attempts. I was only searching for a possible response to your original question about extending ram, and wish that I had been more successful with locating the answer that you and am guessing others are almost certainly interested in. Based upon the general consensus of the results that I have found so far; I personally will not be attempting to modify the ram settings at this time.

    Here is an excerpt from just one of the many available articles / discussions:

    PUBLISHED SEP 12, 2022

    "After trying it on an Exynos S22 Ultra, a Snapdragon Galaxy S20, and a Galaxy M53 5G, we can confirm that something about RAM Plus hurts performance. Immediately after disabling it, the S20 and M53 returned to the levels of performance they saw before being updated to 4.1. The S22 Ultra started to behave as it always should have. It's one of the fastest phones we've used, outperforming its predecessor."

    Should you disable RAM Plus?

    Yes, you should. In our testing, and as demonstrated on several user forums, RAM Plus could be hurting the performance of your device. 

  • To my knowledge, it's enabled by default on 8GB model or lower with 4 GB swap.

    On 16GB model it's disabled but can be enable in the dev settings

  • How can i check that out is enabled? I have the 8gb ram device

  • Install terminal app Termux (Noted that the play store version is outdated)

    and type "free"

    You can see the swap amount around 4 GB

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