zenfone 8 crash while phone call with wired headset

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Zenfone 8 freezes during call when I use a wired headset.

If I use logtool to gather the log, it never freezes.

That's why no one can provide a crash log.

This is very strange.

My firmware :ww_31.1010.0411.122 .

Please find and fix it, because it is a very old issue.


  • Hi @sroland42

    Thank you for reaching out! And we're so sorry to hear about the issues you're facing. Can you please provide a bit more info like:

    1. Do you enable the twin apps function?
    2. Have you installed any MDM app?
    3. Can you explain more on how this issue happened? Could you describe the steps to trigger this issue in detail?
    4. Please provide a log. Use the built-in log tool in the calculator, and generate a “general cases” log

    Thank you for all your help!

  • sroland42sroland42 Level 1
    edited November 16


    twin apps is disabled.

    What does it mean MDM app ?

    the case:

    If logtol is not enabled and I try to call with wired then a half minit after the screen goes black the phone is crashing and isn't answering. I have to push the power button for a while to turn the phone back.

    If the logtool gathers any log then the phone is not crashing .

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    This has happened many times to me too. Sometimes it crashes almost instantly after the call is started. At other times it takes many minutes. Sometimes I've been able to finish calls without it crashing.

    Once it crash, the screen freezes and then goes black. The phone has to be restarted by holding in the power button. I've not tried using any log tool.

  • What brand wired headset are you both using?

  • sroland42sroland42 Level 1
    edited November 19

    I use a wired headset that I got for the sony xz1 compact. But I've tried a lot with it and it doesn't depend on the type, it freezes with all of them. If I don't let the screen go black during the call, then phone doesn't freeze either. The only solution I found to keep it from freezing is to start a log collection in logtool. If the log collection is running, the phone never freezes. I find this very strange.

  • sroland42sroland42 Level 1

    Is there anything I can do to help you find this error?

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