Bug when putting speaker on during calls

Hello everyone,

I have a weird specific bug with my Zenfone 8 and I can't find equivalent reports online. Maybe I am phrasing it wrong. Here it is:

Whenever I'm on a call, everyone hear me fine. However, as soon as I put the call on speaker, people only hear my voice and every other voice around me is muted! It also happens with video calls, for example if I try to show my kid on video, people can hear my voice but my kid's voice is muted.

I don't know if this is Android-related or phone related, I am not very knowledgeable on phones. Anyone has an idea? Thanks!



  • Hi Globus,

    I have the same problem and have already written about this problem in some thread but I did not get any answer. In my case, it happened after some system update. The problem occurs during a phone call and video in the following applications: Messenger, Teams.

  • I have a similar issue and I noticed it was because when I activate speakerphone the Zf8 stops using the bottom microphone.

    The same issue is here in this thread:


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    My phone has been sent to Asus under warranty for this exact reason. They gave it back to me without a fix, saying that there was no problem, but I could easily reproduce it. So after some thorough testing from my side and back and forth email exchanges with support, they now say it is software related and that a firmware update is being worked on to fix the issue. Apparently there is some AI noise cancelling that has gone and decided that any none male-adult voice is noise. So some human intervention is needed.

  • GlobusGlobus Level 1

    Thank you all for your answers. At least I can see that it is somewhat generic so it makes me hopeful that a bugfix might be coming. Hopefully it is fixable through software updates...

  • I've compared caller experience between speakerphone and normal call and I'm not sure but it seems to me that the microphone logic might be reversed compared to what we might expect:

    in a normal call there didn't seem to be much background filtering (one person could hear the wind for example) but yet in speakerphone there seems to be more background filtering than is necessary especially for when there is more than one speaker. I don't know if this is simply because of which microphone is in use. But it seems like opposite to what it should be.

  • I notice that previous threads on this subject have been locked. Can an ASUS mod update us on whether there was a solution or workaround? There's been no acknowledgement or 'we're working on a fix' as far as I can see.

  • Hello everyone,

    There's a feature called speaker mode with AI noise reduction technology that cuts "non-human voice". This feature is different from handheld mode noise reduction that calculates from a distance.

    We believe that external sounds like the child or female may sound like a "toy sound" and the system treats this as noise and cuts off the sound. We will try to do more verification and study enhancements.

    We truly apologize for any inconvenience caused and your valuable advice will be included in future design and optimization considerations. Thank you!

  • A temporary workaround would be to just let us turn off this AI noise cancelling altogether. I'd rather live with some background noise if that can make the speaker mode usable for females and kids again.

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    Is this software-related bug? I have no clue but my mic started to be OK on speaker mode in calls only after main board replaced. Before that person always hears himself with robotic voice and almost didn't hear me.

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    That is what I've been told. There is supposed to be a tuning/fix in a later firmware update.

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