Spilled whiskey

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Hi i accidentally spilled a little whiskey on my rog 5s will it be ok? I wiped it off asap and i turned it off any ways to know if its ok or do i need to go to a repair shop? When i spilled on it. It doesnt turn on automatically i turned it off manually


  • Run a breathe test it might be drunk 😂

    I think it will be ok if it didn't enter the phone

  • M4RHVZM4RHVZ Level 1

    Lol. How to know if it has water damage?

  • I hope that lost whiskey isn't an ALBERTA PREMIUM CASK STRENGTH or a PAUL JOHN MITHUNA you criminal.

    Well, if not, it would have been coffee it would have been dead, with alcohol much less risk, so it should be fine.

    On the other hand, no more guarantee, the internal humidity witnesses have certainly become positive.

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