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No Blue LED Notification

Star III
Hi, I already asked this in a few places but I didn't get a response. Any response would be helpful.
What happened was my colleague spilled coffee on my phone, and I worry that the coffee may have gotten into the speaker grill. I noticed the notification LED pulsed yellow a few times. Feeling worried, I downloaded a LED tester program and found that the notification LED could not show blue.
Can the notification LED show blue? I want to send my phone in to repair but I don't know if the LED is working as intended.
Model: ROG Phone 3 ASUS_1003D
Firmware version: RKQ1.200710.002.WW_Phone-18.0410.2111.182
Rooted or not: Not rooted
Frequenct of Occurrence: N/A
App Name: LED Color Tester 2.0
As mentioned above, I already tried a notification LED tester I found on the app store. I also entered diagnostic mode by pressing .12345+= in calculator, but there is no Notification LED test option in there strangely enough. However I tested everything else and everything checks out okay.
I also already tried googling for an answer but cannot find any conclusive statement about the notification LED.
Please help.



Rising Star II
I don't think I've ever seen the LED turn blue. I've seen green (fully charged or notifications), orange (charging), and red (low battery).
There doesn't appear to be a test for the notification LED in the SMMI test, either (enter .12345+= in the ASUS calculator app), so not even sure if that's supported.

Star III
Thank you for checking it up for me. Can a rep from Asus please confirm that the LED is red and green only? Because I don't want to waste the service center's time, furthermore here in Malaysia phones are being used as "covid trackers" and not having your phone with you when you go out is a punishable offense, so I will need same day repairs.

Rising Star II
I tried an LED color tester app just to make sure. The colors that worked were red, yellow, green. The colors that didn't work were blue, magenta, white.
I'm fairly certain that the notification LED only has red and green diodes and no blue, which is why these color options work/don't work.

Star III
Noted with thanks