Display issues - refresh rate, UI animation, display (hardware)

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  Model Name: ROG Phone 6 16GB

  Firmware Version: WW_32.2810.2208.165

  Rooted or not: NO ROOT

  Frequency of Occurrence: Sometimes & some always

  APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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1. Sometimes Refresh rate is capped to 60Hz. I have noticed that sometimes when I unlock phone frame rate is capped to 60 even if I have some higher refresh rate selected. Then I must go and switch to another to fix this. I also noticed that when phone is idle refresh rate switches for a moment to 60 and go back to selected for example 120. I am using Show refresh rate in developer options to get confirmation. I do not use auto refresh rate. Additionally i have noticed that screen slightly changes brightness and colors when toggling between different refresh rates.

2. I am wondering if I have some issue with display. Screen is visibly dotted? IDK if this is proper word for that. For example when I open group of apps the thin line between group name and app icon is not continuous but dotted. On screenshot looks fine.

3. Ugly glittering in select animation. It looks like glitch. I have compared it with Pixel 6 when it looks good. Best to notice when You slow down animation.

4. Why I cannot use and configure system lighting when on balanced mode? I have all toggles on but it seems light effects are working only in X mode

Do any of you have similar problems?


  • Does the refresh rate stay constant at 60 when you touch the screen, if it increases, I think it's something to save power when you don't touch the screen.

  • The thing in the second picture is available in the screen theme, but you can still check to see if it's on a white screen, otherwise everything is fine.

  • We wouldn't have seen it if the thing in that second picture was from the phone, but you still look at the same places on a white screen.

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    Regarding the questions @Stalkjer

    1.- Try moving the screen and check if the framerate changes, there's no meaning in using 120hz on a still image, which would explain this since it's only applied while in movement.

    2.- We are now looking into single pixels, it is fairly normal and I also see it on my device if I get the device fairly close to my face.

    3.- There was another post earlier regarding this and it is actually by design from Google on Android 12.

    4.- Could you please send a screenshot of the "Balanced" setting? or the Armoury Crate power settings?

  • To the point number one: i have selected 144hz but the refresh rate sometimes gets suddenly locked at 60hz even tho I move the screen

  • If you're watching 60hz video or playing 60hz games, it's normal for it to be stuck at 60hz, but if you move it up and down on a blank screen, it still hangs at 60hz, then yes it can be a problem.

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    Sorry for late response.

    Here is proof for Ad.1. As @Scorpion also noticed. For me it happens frequently after unlocking phone after long break. Only way to fix this is to change refresh rate manually. I really do not understand why - besides battery consumption optimization - refresh rate changes automatically. Why this don't work as with PC displays. When I pick 120hz I want to always be 120hz. Otherwise I would use Auto refresh rate.

    Ad 2. It is very subtle effect. It creates pseudo-Chromatic aberration effect which is nice in games i have no problem with that, but when it comes to reading like, twitter, FB it gets quite annoying and exhausting.

    Ad 3. Maybe this is because this animation is not adjusted to screen ratio as Rog phone 6 has quite unusual screen ratio?

    Ad 4 @Mattias_ASUS Here are screens and photo. Maybe photo looks like it lights on white color but in fact it is turned off. So I do not see here any option to turn it on and for example pick any static color to by turned on in balanced/or dynamic as translated in polish localization.

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