Zephyrus G14 2022 (AMD) Invalid S/N unable to contact support without valid S/N

ShadowZenShadowZen Level 1
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I have a branw new Zephyrus G14 2022 (With the AMD GPU and CPU) for 2 weeks now.

The problem is , I can't register it because myAsus app on windows 11 and iOS are unable to validate the Serial Number that came with the laptop. The S/N is automatically inserted inside myAsus, It is the same number thats on the laptop sticker and box. I am also unable to contact support about this problem because you need to have a valid S/N to send the form out on there website .... I tried live chat but this seems to be broken on there site endless loop with "creating chat room".

How could I fix this problem ? I paid the full price for a new device the least I would expect is a valid registration.

Kind Regards

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