Camera not working properly, with clicking sound? Look here

This comes to no surprise for those who actually bothered to listen to me and @FunBike31 but for those who were dumb enough to not listen or those who came in here before even being able to read all the countless warnings here's the deal with the camera "clicking" problem.

As tradtion with the Rog5/Rog5S and this time the Rog6, the supporting power delivery components that are completely out of spec has to nuke something. The Rog5 and Rog5S kept nuking the wifi module, on the Rog6, as you may have suspected from the title is infact nuking the back camera module.

So with this we already have 2 hardware related issues:

1.) Power IC eventually being nuked due to failure of supporting components

2.) Camera module being nuked due to supporting power delivery component failure.

There are different "stages" to this problem. The "milder" case is when the camera still functions, however only when the phone is cold much like @Lamwenbin has described it and it's more severe stage @waxy78611 where the camera is permanently refusing to start up and heat up the phone when attempting to start it up due to shorted power delivery components.

As some may wonder, there are no moving parts in the phone, yet they hear a clicking sound, this is a common sound coming from an over voltage and/or current circuit that tries to protect your camera module from shorting out. Much like a power supply from a PC would click, when one of your components of your PC is shorted.

If you have this issue, service center is the only real fix.

NOTE: Before going to the service center, due to the scarce nature of the phone, expect at least several weeks without your Rog6, have another device in reserve.

See you on the next topic (roughly 8-13months from now) where I explain why your sim card doesnt work anymore due to internal cable disconnecting or tearing due to the Rog6's fragile nature and people using the phone as a normal phone.


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