Wifi adapter mediatek mt7921 disconnecting frequently

system details

laptop:asus tuf f15 fx506lh

os:both 10 and 11

ac:both plugged and unplugged


i bought my laptop in dec 2021 i recently (2 weeks back ) ran into the problem of wifi disconnecting frequently rolling back the driver and reinstalling it from the official site did no better

even resetting the bios at the time i had windows 11 but after i gave it service center they didnt find issue with the network adapter everything was fine for them and they resetted it to windows 10 but when i checked and complained for wifi still mot working they would restart the laptop again and give it to me saying its fixed now i literally searched through all threads on internet for this issue and did every single step still couldnt solve the issue please help me out


  • @anshbansal19906

    If you encounter this problem, please try the following steps.

    1. Turn on the power and keep the battery power supply mode active (without plugging in the power adapter).

    2. Press the power button for 30s to hard reset.

    3. Enter the system and connect to the power adapter after it has rebooted.

    4. Install MTK wireless network driver V3.00.01.1244 or above.

    5. Install MTK Bluetooth driver V1.3.15.142 or above.

    6. After the installation is complete, restart the device.

    Please be sure to execute all six steps, updating the wireless network driver first, then updating the Bluetooth driver in order.

    Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • The reason your Wi-Fi 6 Mediatek mt7921 network card is not working is either due to Windows Update changing your BIOS settings or due to Windows Update providing you with an older driver. The first solution you should try is to unplug everything from your ASUS laptop and then hold the Power button for 60 seconds.



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