ZenFone 9 banned in Malaysia

Just heard over the grapevine, seems the ZF9 has been banned in Malaysia due to non-compliance with 5G over here 🤷

Apparently the government has been receiving tons of complaints regarding the ROG5 and ZF8 with regards to compatible issues with the 5G/4G here, so good luck to Asus 😅


  • I heard a little voice last night that the AeroCooler 6 for Rog 5 was in store, harsh reality when I woke up.

    ASUS just communicated that the ZF9 would not be distributed in Malaysia (was the ZF6 and ZF7?)

    There is a difference with Forbidden

    The Rog 6/6 Pro is distributed normally in Malaysia, as it is strictly the same 4-5G RF module this phrase "due to non-compliance with 5G here" is nonsense.

    You should change your source of information

  • smchaysmchay Level 2

    Sorry, seems like need to clarify. Officially the ZF9 will not be available in Malaysia owing to failure to pass accreditation. You may do a search at the SIRIM database for official confirmation.

    In respect to the ROG 6, it has pass the conformance test and has been been accredited by SIRIM, thus can be officially sold here in Malaysia. Whilst both phones may have the same CPU etc, there are lots of differences ☺️

  • Non compliance with a non existing network. BAN ALL PHONES!

  • This is the problem, I did not find any "*Public" certification in failure or rejection of the certification and as it passes the safety tests and SAR emissions in the rest of the world and CE, for me it does not simply would not have been presented for certification. To be banned in Malaysia it is sufficient that there is no VoLTE on 4G, for this point which would be missing there is no need for certification it is rejected as a basis.

    I only see the lack of VoLTE because the Government of Malaysia also accepts two types of access authentication: that issued by SIRIM (Industrial Research and Standards Institute of Malaysia) or CE certification.

    SIRIM asks for the Passport number to access the database, I contented myself with public documents :)

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