Zenfone 9 Photo thread!

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Zenfone 9 is here and as many of you probably have seen, we got some pretty impressive cameras this time around!

So I propose a thread with some of our best pictures, the pics I will upload are taken by normal average people and without any enhancements.

The picture above was taken with the camera's Light trail mode by a waterfall.



  • This picture was taken with the 50MP mode, also no edits :D

  • gtbamagtbama Level 1

    When will Zenfone 9 be available for purchase in the US? I would order one right now if available. Thanks.

  • I think this picture demonstrates perfecly that the phone still needs some work. the processing is just to aggressive and HDR is very miss here. It's overexposed and underexposed at the same time. Shadows are almost black while you got way to bright whites.

    The subject itself is gorgeous tho.

  • When will the zenfone be available in Canada and USA. I would like to order one right now.

  • You should implement same software with rog 6 too because they use same camera sensor

  • Another picture showing off the Light Trail mode, looks damn pretty.

  • I got some comparison shots between Zenfone 9 and Samsung S22 from a German Forum that I wanted to share here as well in hopes the Devs do after all read these forums. Top is the Zenfone 9, bottom the S22:

    It clearly shows, that the Zenfone has a ton of sharpening applied to the photo in post processing. Only when applying heavy sharpening and saturation to the Samsungs Image you get a similar result. Again top is the Zenfone 9, bottom the S22 edited:

    Since the result of the editing apprach hints at the fact that the sensor data of the Zenfone was once similar to the Samsung S22s I assume a correction of the postprocessing algorithms should easily fix this issue that a lot of people are talking about currently when it comes to the camera.

    Asus: I’m sure you can do better and confident that you are able to deliver more natural photos. And I would highly apprechiate if you did.

    I’ll just leave this here. 🙂

  • A question:

    in non-macro photos, the closest objects look sharp and the background doesn't. Why?

    I also think that in the Z9 the photos are more processed than in the Z8. They come out less natural.

    I think that the result of a photo has to be like the vision of the human eye. In resolution/sharpness and in color.

  • Hi @Gabrieltg! Asus has released a patch that also improves the Camera Performance just a couple of days ago. In regards to the processing this seems to be a big step in the right direction. I do not have my Z9 yet so I can’t speak to that myself but results other users got seem promising!

    Regarding the focus question: That depends on a varienty of factors. The most likely explanation would be that even if not in a macro setting, your foreground subjects is still fairly close to the camera compared. In this case the depth of field of the lens will render the background blurry (“real bokeh”). This is more prevalent in todays phones since sensors become increasingly bigger. The Z9s IMX766 is almost 25% larger then the IMX686 of the Z8. Thus you can expect a shallower depth of field. A more unlikely scenario would be if you had portriat mode enabled.

    If you share more details about your setting and ideally a picture I can try to provide further information.

  • Any comparisons you could share? I'm interested in before and after shots

  • Hello @falsoco 14,

    In the first photo the background is out of focus.

    In the second photo (camera above) the glass is out of focus.

    On my old Sony XZ1 Compact I think there was an option to focus in all directions (multipoint).

    My configuration is:

    16:9, Auto HDR, PreAF on, Auto anti-flicker, Night mode detection off.

  • Hi @Gabrieltg! It is exactly as I assumed, this is just the depth of field of the lens / sensor combination.

    Totally normal behaviour and nothing to worry about. If you have a digital camera with a manual mode you can try it yourself: set the camera to aperture priority (A or Av) and then dail down the aperture to 5.6 or lower. And then try getting both the glass and the background in focus. It won’t work for the same reason it doesnt in this case.

    If necessary you could look into Focus Stacking. This will solve your problem but is additional work.


  • Thank you @falsoco 14,

    is my configuration correct?

    In long distance photos I think there is a lack of sharpness....

  • Did you tap-focus on the background before taking the picture @Gabrieltg?

    And could you provide a full resolution image (Dropbox / Wetransfer / …) It’s hard to judge based on a rescaled version.

    It does however look consistent with what I would expect in terms of sharpness.

    I have to say that I still notice a lack of detail in images taken with the Asus Stock Camera. You can try the camera of the Lightroom App for the finest details out of any of the Camera Apps I tested.

  • Night mode works very well

  • Do you have an example? from my experience night mode works very nice in terms of exposure and detail but suffers a ton from heavy oversharpening.

  • PolungaPolunga Level 1

    Main camera without nightmode

  • @Polunga Is this after the camera update? It's still heavily sharpened :(

  • PolungaPolunga Level 1

    No before, after the Update i cant see changes

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