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Zenfone 9 Photo thread!

Zenfone 9 is here and as many of you probably have seen, we got some pretty impressive cameras this time around!
So I propose a thread with some of our best pictures, the pics I will upload are taken by normal average people and without any enhancements.
The picture above was taken with the camera's Light trail mode by a waterfall.
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When will the zenfone be available in Canada and USA. I would like to order one right now.

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According to some sites 31. of august.

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You should implement same software with rog 6 too because they use same camera sensor

Another picture showing off the Light Trail mode, looks damn pretty.

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I got some comparison shots between Zenfone 9 and Samsung S22 from a German Forum that I wanted to share here as well in hopes the Devs do after all read these forums. Top is the Zenfone 9, bottom the S22:
It clearly shows, that the Zenfone has a ton of sharpening applied to the photo in post processing. Only when applying heavy sharpening and saturation to the Samsungs Image you get a similar result. Again top is the Zenfone 9, bottom the S22 edited:
Since the result of the editing apprach hints at the fact that the sensor data of the Zenfone was once similar to the Samsung S22s I assume a correction of the postprocessing algorithms should easily fix this issue that a lot of people are talking about currently when it comes to the camera.
Asus: I’m sure you can do better and confident that you are able to deliver more natural photos. And I would highly apprechiate if you did.
I’ll just leave this here. 🙂

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A question:
in non-macro photos, the closest objects look sharp and the background doesn't. Why?
I also think that in the Z9 the photos are more processed than in the Z8. They come out less natural.
I think that the result of a photo has to be like the vision of the human eye. In resolution/sharpness and in color.