asus rog strix g17, ryzen 9 6900hx, rtx 3070 ti - very slow startup

ArnautuArnautu Level 1
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Hi there!

My asus rog strix g17 rtx 3070 ti has a very slow startup from de moment i press the power button until it finally opens.

I have windows 11. I installes it, reinstalled it, recover it and every other thing i could think of.

The current situation of windows: all drivers installed automatically by windows. I don't have any other aplication on my laptop. I even uninstalled that app Armory Crate.

The problem in detail:

  1. I press de power button.
  2. It takes around 1 min. to 1.30 min just to open de monitor (i can tell when the monitor is open by the bleedind on the edges of the screen)
  3. After this the logo appears and everything works as intended.

Any help would be nice.

One more thing. This happens only when i close the lid after i shutdown the laptop. If i leave the lid open until the next power on than it will boot normally. Very strange.


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