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I've used the Rog 6 for about 1 week, here's my review so far.

1. Battery life is amazing. Noticeably better than the Rog 5, maybe around 10 -15% better.

2. The speakers are good but missing the punchy bass compared to the Rog 5. Maybe it can be improved with a software update? I don't know because apparently the speaker hardware is significantly different to the Rog 5

3. Temperature is noticeably higher than the Rog 5. It's not majorly different but still noticeabe. For example, with normal use like texting web browsing, my rog 5 goes to maximum 31 degrees, the Rog 6 goes to approx 34-35 degrees (same room temperature, same environment temperature)

4. For some odd reason, settings made with app battery settings (restricting background apps) get reverted if you restart the phone. This bug was also present with A12 on ROG 5

5. The phone is super fast & smooth, no lag or stutter.

6. Call quality is brilliant.

7. A12 takes some getting used to, the whole UI is different. I would much prefer A12 on the Rog 6 but sadly A12 is the absolute minimum you can have as the software.

8. Camera quality is OK. Nothing special.

9. Charging speed is amazing. Charges very fast.

10. Signal strength is solid. 3g/4g is blazing fast. Haven't tried 5g as not in a 5g area.

Overall, a decent experience but definitely doesn't feel like a complete phone. More software updates are definitely needed but even still, the bugs present should have been ironed out before release. The speakers definitely need to be atleast on the same level as ROG 5 or at the very least better. The temperature needs some adjusting too.

Do not go for the Tencent edition with global ROM installed, you will be left with a permanent "hardware stub" notification which will show a warning about incorrect OS. Can't be removed no matter what. If you're going to buy this phone, buy the one that matches your region. Even still, wait until the aforementioned bugs have been fixed. This phone has potential but as things stand, it needs some improvements.



  • ZT959595ZT959595 Level 2

    4. For some odd reason, settings made with app battery settings (restricting background apps) get reverted if you restart the phone. This bug was also present with A12 on ROG 5

    For Point 4, I think it might be due to "Remove permissions and free up space" setting. Go to the app's android setting, and turn it off.

    Also, I turned off "Adaptive Battery", "OptiFlex" and "Background app management". I think all these battery management features are more trouble than they are worth.

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    the ROG Phone 6 you testing is a Tencent Model? Which Country you in? I surprise you able to get Rog Phone 6 in a quite fast manner.

    Have you try to do some heavy gaming session?

  • 1.) Calling bs here. Battery is about the same as Rog5, the reason you feel there is a difference is due to the fact that your Rog5 has degraded its battery over time rather quickly. According to more professional reviews the Rog6 is around the same as Rog5 in light usage and heavy usage + cooler Rog6 battery drops much quicker.

    2.) Interestingly they did the same on the Rog5, it started punchy and nice but got way weaker over the updates, main complaint, iirc you were also one of the people complaining about that.

    3.) This is going to be an issue later down the line.

    4.) Probably getting fixed over software updates.

    5.) I think u'd do the community a favor and actually show us something, also with or without cooler? Go to games are: Genshin impact, Pubg, CODM and League of Legends. We heard how great the Rog5 is supposed to be only to find out its a clown fiesta.

    6.) when VoLTE works and doesnt get broken by ASUS, we know the drill there.

    7.) A12 is a major upgrade to A11.

    8.) Has been mentioned often, the algorythm isnt really done yet by ASUS.

    9.) Literally identical do Rog5 and very slow compared to competition and mainstream phones.

    10.) Is usually determined by coverage of your provider rather than the phone.

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    1. So you're more knowledgeable than GSMArena ? Even GSMArena confirmed battery is better on rog 6.

    2. nope, bass was always and still is better on rog 5, they've changed something in the Rog 6

    5. I don't "game". My comparisons are done with normal usage.

    7. Although a "major upgrade", still has bugs similar to a12 on rog 5

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    I don't do any gaming. ROG phones are good as daily drivers

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    Thanks 👍 I always leave those battery management options on

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    Firmware is a crucial point, there are already 4 and you don't mention which one, 57,61,63,95?

    2 - This does not surprise me at all and this is one of the first negative points that I noted, the ESS Saber equips very high-end audiophile and professional devices, even if it is underused in a smartphone. presence in the Rog5 is a real joy for music.

    9 - Same remark from the testers, -10min on average, the Rog 5 never draws the Max from the 65w charger, there must have been a hardware change on the charging circuit.

    10 - The Rog 5 has a fairly low SAR index, 1.09 W/Kg in the lead, (3.423 members) on the other hand the worst counterpart to maintain a distant signal both in mobile and Wifi

    Logically, the Rog 6 and its higher head DAS of 1,354 (3,568 members), therefore better sensitivity, less roaming, more range. but more health risk, it is far enough from the limits (2 head and 4 limbs), no fear anyway.

    for the other points, no particular remarks with what has been answered.

    Note: I just read that you don't play!!!!

    If you make intensive use of the phone and you are in a well-covered area with a high density of antennas, it might be useful to opt for a flashgrip with a SAR of 0.5/0.6, it is a safe value on the majority.

  • 1.)

    Wrong, you just don't know how to read.

    In the Rog5 they did 2 seperate tests on each refreshrate, on Rog6 they didn't. When comparing results youll see that Rog6 is same battery life as Rog5, except for video playback, for whatever reason the battery is worse there on the Rog6.

    Talktime Rog 5: 31:40h, web browsing: 16:36H (144hz), 17:33H (60hz), Video Playback: 17:29H (144hz),22:36H (60hz)


    Talktime Rog6: 31:12H, web browsing: 16:08H (165hz), video playback: 19:40h (60hz)

    I could be petty and argue that Rog5 lasts longer, however I wont because they are within margin of error. Which isnt surprising to anyone given that the powerdraw is the same and the battery capacity is the same. Saying anything else is clear bias.

    2.) You yourself reported that the .56 update ruined the speakers and even after patches and patches they still are worse than day 1 patch. So If the speakers are indeed more tinny than an updated Rog5, then ASUS need to take a long look on that, even if you crank bass up in audiowizard the bass remains bad?

    5.) Sadly then your statement is useless because any phone that doesnt run UFS 2.1 will be as performant as the Rog6 for your usecase.

    7.) It's odd, because the A12 on Rog3 is almost completely bug free, while I know the Rog5 has plenty. Can you list bugs on the Rog6?

    @FunBike31 There is no difference between the qualcomm dac and the ESS Sabre dac. Also audiophiles hated the Rog5 due to it having a bias filter and it not being changable. There was no real way for clean audio, also the dacs have nothing to do with the speaker themselves.

    9.) Lets fking hope that.

    10.) once again, it's 99% provider and nothing to do with phone. When comparing the Rog6 to a cheap 200dollar phone both will have almost identical coverage. The bottleneck will always be your provider rather than the phone.

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    Yes, they ran majority of test on 165hz, if the refresh rates were the same, ROG 6 would Outlast the Rog 5. ROG 6 60hz web browsing is 18:53, ROG 5 web browsing 60hz 17:33. I tend to go by overall endurance rating, in this case the Rog 6 lasted 119 hours at maximum refresh (or auto) whereas the Rog 5 lasted 118 at just 60hz.

    Yes I made several reports about the bass. Yep, I've played about with audio wizard to try to atleast match ROG 6 bass with Rog 5 bass, but no luck. I use a specific song to check for base everytime. In this song, bass can be heard at certain increments on the Rog 5 & on the Rog 6 it can't be heard at all. The rog 6 bass seems more artificial whereas on the rog 5 it's more natural.

    Again, I don't game but things like app updates in play store & app installations are blazing fast on the Rog 6, there's definitely speed & UI improvement in specific areas. Although app loading is a little odd, not sure if that's due to a12, probably is, whenever you open an app it shows the app icon for a second before launching the app. A unecessary animation imo.

    So far, I've only noticed the settings being reverted but someone mentioned a fix for that. Not sure if this is a bug but if you have 2 sims & deactivate 1, but reboot phone, 2nd sim gets reactivated too. This doesn't happen on my rog 5. Need to keep digging but as things stand I can say for certainty that if you're looking to buy the Rog 6, don't do it. Stick with the Rog 5 until changes are made to the Rog 6.

    Also, what's with the passive aggressiveness dude? You seem to get really worked up. We're all here to find the best Asus experience possible & help each other out.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    I'm not going to spend more time on audio, comparing qualcomm and ESS technology DACs is laughable. In addition I did not mention the speakers, for me it's just good for playing, music is Headphones or Hi-Fi speakers

    Regarding sensitivity, point 6 and 10, call quality and signal strength, this has nothing to do with a bottleneck.

    To compare a phone at 200 € and even less on this point I know how to do and I have several, currently I have -80db on the Moto G5 and 7, -82db S21 same location and operator -95db with the Rog6

    Up to 10 neighboring antennas detected with G7, G5 and S21

    an Antenna and from time to time a second immediately lost with the Rog 5 and that in the center of Toulouse.

    On Wifi, at 2m there is a difference of 10db

    I have never had a telephone since 1991 with Alcatel 9109HA, which forces me to spend 3 to 5 times a day in airplane mode to recover operational telephone service.


    If you still have Rog 5 compare it to 6 with Network Call info lite

  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    I just wrote a detailed response to danish blunt but zentalk didn't upload 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

    In a nutshell, don't buy the Rog 6. I'm returning mine. It needs work done to it. As things stand, the Rog 5 running A11is better than the Rog 6.

    Regarding speakers, the bass sounds artificial on rog 6 compared to Rog 5. I play one song to rest bass. At certain increments of the song, bass can be heard easily on the rog 5 but can't be heard at all on rog 6 unless you put the Rog 6 next to your ear. I've tried audio wizard but no luck.

    What's network call info lite?

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4
    edited July 26

    A serious utility to analyze the quality of the 3-5G network, wifi, where the antenna is where you are connected and the others (map, it is especially useful in map mode in an uncovered area if you have to make a call urgent to get closer to an antenna), also precise on the down/upload jitter ping .

    Indispensable to compare several tel and operator and of course to detect anomalies like this Screen Noise or this p.t..n of rog 5 is unable to see the 8-9 other antennas and therefore to cling to the best when you move.

  • @FunBike31

    I hate to break it to you but we only talked about the speakers, then you write "2.)" which means you adress out point 2 which was the speakers and suddenly you start talking about the dac.

    The fact you think ESS Dac is somehow vastly superior to qualcoms dac is concerning to say the least. The reason why the Rog5 is good but not great is simply because its not very well tuned. Most audiophiles will choose sonys tuned qualcom dac over Rog5 ESS sabre thrown in dac. If you had a real audiophile phone you'd know the massive difference from thrown in dac vs properly tuned one. Try an xpera phone and compare to your Rog5 and tell me with a straight face the rog5 is superior. Also if you want to experience god tier audiophile wet dream, find a vivo xplay6 or 5.

    Also quoting random signal strenghts is pointless, without quoting the other data. If your signal strenght is better but quality is worse, it results in worse results. It is however a little surprising that your rog5 is that much worse in signal strenght.

    @waxy78611 Yeah the forum is a little poopoo at times. If you write longer texts, always refrain from quoting the direct message and instead tag with an "@", that usually dodged the approval detection.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4


    I'm sorry, it's so rare that I listen to music through the speakers that each time I compare my references with what the jack allows.

    I had the opportunity to listen to sony, it was not bad but nothing more, difficult to compare them because it dates back a few years and at the time nothing was worth a good walkman with good headphones.

    When an Xplay5 and 6 a colleague still has the 6, I agree with you but for your information, the audio of the 5 was equipped with a Dac TI and the 6 by ESS technology.

    Only the first 2 Asus Firmware really took advantage of the ESS chipset and if you followed the discussion mid 2021, strangely, the quality was degraded and never really recovered after the death of many speakers.

    Recent experience (2 days), impossible to compare with the Rog6 because it is not in stores, the Black Shark 5pro is on the contrary present, all users who attach importance to the speakers should listen to it, I think that they will leave with a few less Euros/Dollards... in their wallets

  • @FunBike31 I'm talking about the new xperias (mark 3 for example), not the old ones.

    I'm aware of the DAC's on the xplays, I just mentioned them because despite having an older ESS Sabre dac, they crap all over ASUS's Rog5, comparing them seems silly, just pointing out how important a tuned dac is.

    I am also aware of the speaker quality degradation, I mentioned them myself. However it was speaker only, the audio through 3.5mm didnt get affected. I assume ASUS lowered things to prevent speakers from killing themselves as I did hear early on that speakers blew.

    Agreed, Black shark has best speakers on a phone period. Honestly wished that ASUS would step up their game, since consumer phones have gotten quite close to the speaker quality of ASUS.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    FYI, @Danishblunt

    I just went to dxomark and actually my ears did not deceive me, I could have been deceived because I listened to it in a room reserved for HI-FI equipment in the store in ideal conditions but the test seems fine confirm that the good forward is real, the BS5 pro is top

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    I am not speaker expert here, I notice BS5 Pro speaker is on side of the phone, are they practice and able to give better sound quality than ROG Phone Front Facing Speaker?

    I never try dual side speaker phone, only tried single side speaker phone, but I tried dual side speaker laptop before, I can't 100% verify it but I think front facing speaker would produce much more better sound quality in a lot of daily life use case.

    Feel like even the speaker hardware quality is very good, but the side speaker design itself will degrade it audio quality in real life use case. 🤔

  • Slnn3RSlnn3R Level 2

    I am not speaker expert here, but I noticed BS5 Pro speaker is placed on both side of the phone, compare to ROG Phone Front Facing speaker design, I think front facing speaker design can produce better audio quality due to the audio is directly deliver forward to your face direction, and maybe in some daily life use case it more unlikely for you to block/interfere the sound from the speaker such as blocking the speaker with your hands.

    I never try dual "side" speaker phone before, I only used single "side" speaker phone before, but I ever used dual "side" speaker laptop, I can't 100% verify the dual "side" speaker phone audio quality in real life,

    However, in my opinion, front facing speaker would produce better audio quality in most real life use case practically, I feel that even though the speaker hardware is very good, its audio quality may degrade due to it being place at the "side" of the device, maybe primarily due to real life use case that interfere the output sound toward our ear. 🤔

  • I'm already aware of this. I dont like DXOMark that much of a "benchmarking" site tho since they are bias towards some devices, especially apple. They blatantly score apple higher because they are scared of backlash. They rate the Iphone 13 (non pro) speakers above a Rog3 just to display how blatant the site is. Or apple camera above a mate 40 pro which is absolutely idiotic.

  • Well it depends, see the thing with the black shark is, despite them being on the sides, they are still omni directional. They arent directed towards the sides, but spread, creating a "surround sound" esk effect. Go into any electronics store and try to use a Samsung Tab S7 or similair, youll notice how the speakers are also sideways but the sound never feels like it comes from the side.

    Also what I find amusing here is that the speakers in the BS5 are suspiciously similair to macbook speakers, make of that what you will.

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