Support for You hardware or manual color adjustment in Android 12

The RaimstorThe Raimstor Level 1
edited July 10 in ZenFone 8 Flip

I repeat my request because it's getting long.

Almost all brands have integrated the material color system you in their device with Android 12, except Asus, why? 

Let us at least manually change the colors of the system interface, because your setting only changes the color of the settings and the Asus applications, but for the rest, no change, block in blue. 

The biggest problem is that widgets are also blocked in blue, so you have to have a blue background otherwise it's ugly.

Especially since now Material you is open source so it is no longer exclusive to the Google phone. 

So you can clearly add this feature which is the biggest new feature of Android 12 that Asus users can't enjoy.

And if you don't add this feature, explain why?


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