Before you buy the Rog6

I just wanted to remind you guys that you should wait before purchasing the phone. So far there have been some changes that I really liked to see, however there were no changes in some regards that make me wonder if this is going to be another Rog 5 fiasco.

disclaimer I don't own the Rog6 yet.

Some thoughts beforehand:

Display: The amoled display seems awfully similair to the Rog5, only even more overclocked. Which means, more powerdraw. Pixelworks as usual in for the ride, meaning the delta < 1 is probably wrong again, however it seems they did not put in the dumbass motion chip which is already a huge stepup from the Rog 5. I don't think there will be any severe color banding issues this time around, however youll probably have the usual crushed blacks and blue / yellow tint. Albeit not very strong, very normal for a flagship with OLED.

Cooling: The cooling has no real huge benefit over the Rog5, while its larger and theoreticly better, it's passive cooling capabilities are going to be rather poor. Having the huge cooler on the back is a must, which is to me at least, quite annoying. Sad that they still didnt go the lenovo / Nubia route.

Performance: Yeah, performance is going to be very dependant on the cooler, once its used, the performance will most likely be great, without it, its going to be quite disastrous. I cant comment to much yet however, due to not enough data on this topic. The only thing I do know for a fact, it is going to perform rather poorly without the cooler.

Features: The Rog5 had some really bs features nobody wanted that would put the price higher for no reason. lucky for us they didnt bother with the essabre dac and seemingly got away with the dumb motionchip. However the useless 2nd screen is still there. The capacitive shoulderbuttons are still capacitive, so not physical buttons like on the black shark.

Dissapointments from my side:

They didnt get rid of the dumb display on the back which would drain battery for no reason.

Still capacitive instead of physical buttons

Speakers seem the same, despite normal phones being quite close to the speaker of the Rog5.

Durability concerns are still there due to their absolutely dumb decision to center the PCB and have batteries left and right.

Fingerprint seems quite bad once again. Really would have liked on the powerbutton or on the back.

Due to how similair the Phone is to the previous gen, also the power IC dying concern is also there.

Battery life is quite piss poor. You can empty the battery on games like genshin within 2 hours.

While the cooler provided with the phone is undoubtibly powerful and does what it should do, its very clunky and I would have liked something like a built in fan way more than having that chunk on my phone.

The goods:

It seems at the very least the provided cooler is powerful enough to cool down the phone.

They got rid of SOME of the nonsense

upgraded cameras

software packages have evolved, always a nice plus.

Overall, While I do see improvements in some ways, I still see some very obvious flaws as well. While these are mostly theories based on what I can see with limited ressources, only time will tell. I sincerely hope and think that the rog6 might actually be what the rog5 should have been, that being said, we never know.

I would generally not recommend anyone buying a Rog6 just yet, if youre in a region where you cannot get the active cooler, defnitely 100% do not buy, it will NOT be a good experience.


  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4


    --- No LPTO shame,

    + added 90hz

    ++Brightness. up to 1200 nits in sunlight

    -Delta, same as rog5, 2.3 at best at >3 depending on the mode. No effective color correction (only 1 general slider)


    looks good, 20 min benchmark to reach 50°, it's 2 times better than Rog5 without fan.

    With Aerocooler 6, 45° without drop in perf, efficiency 95%

    Aerocooler 6, ouch, 89€, given the efficiency it's still a better quality/price ratio than the 5

    For my part, I prefer a smartphone without a mechanical element inside, so I prefer the principle of the external cooler.


    Same capacity, same charger but gain of +10Min from 0% to 100%, there may have been improvements on the internal components.


    -- More Microphone for video

    +LDAC instead of DTS

    ++AptX Lossless and AptX Adaptive and Bluetooth Low Latency

    +Overall volume and bass seem to be up

    ? The change in the Audio Chipset leads me to believe that the Rog6 will not make friends who have a recording studio exclaim as was the case with the Rog5

    Of course it is rare to have a Focal Utopia or an Audeze LCD-4 at home and it is likely that no one will notice.


    Only the main sensor changes for a Sony IMX766, it's better but without stabilization the upgrade is almost useless.

    12MP Sony IMX663 front camera

    Photo/Video/Music Storage

    Still no SdCard, damn bad, to please morons who criticize the slowness of the SDCard, you'd really have to be stupid to save apps or game data on it on a dedicated gaming phone


    Charging/Notification LED

    Impossible to know if it presents!!

    Only fools don't change their minds, so I was wondering about buying the Rog6, if the LED disappeared, thank you ASUS, you saved me a lot of money.

    Price :

    130€ more than the Rog5, obligatory cooler not included +89€, ouch, ouch, ouch

    For the daredevils, Aerocooler 6 is included if you order the ROG 6 in pre-order

    Dimension, slightly different, why the Kunai 3 has the same name when it seems there is a specific Kunai 3 model for the ROG 6

  • 50c is not good, its quite bad. Also while it takes a while to heat up due to sheer mass, it also takes longer to cool down. It's very bad for batterylife. Because everything on the back is also transfering heat you're exposing the battery to much more heat than the Rog3 for instance which only had a heatsink on the back. Also the Rog5 and Rog6 have similair times to reach high temps, no clue where you get the takes 2x longer to get high heat idea from.

    Audio section confuses the hell out of me:

    Rog3 and 5 support LDAC and all aptx codecs you mentioned.

    Volume is identical to rog5 pre audio nerf.


    It's a good upgrade in low light, it's much better than older gen. Still sad to not see optical image stabilization tho.

    Didnt know about the kunai 3 thing, you got sources for that? sounds weird as hell

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    Didnt know about the kunai 3 thing, you got sources for that? sounds weird as hell

    Ce qui est certain c'est que la coque du Kunai 3 rog 5 buttera sur le module camera du Rog 6, il faudrait la découper et il faudrait que les dimensions soit parfaitement identiques et celles-ci sont officiellement inconnues !! pour l'instant seul le testeur de phonandroid a remarqué la différence en comparant avec les Rog 5 et Rog 6

    Rog 5 site FR, 239g,173.00 x 77.00 x 9.90 mm

    Rog 6 Global, tous les sites, 239g (no dimensions)

    Rog 6 (Tencent) site CN, 239 g 173 mm × 77 mm × 10,4 mm

    Rog 6 mesure testeur

    plus hauts (0,2 mm), très légèrement moins larges (0,3 mm) et très légèrement plus épais (0,4 mm)

    Rog 6 Site US Qualcomm® Adreno™ 660 🤣🤣

    Yes, 50 is very bad, I agree but the test shows that it is reached in 20 min, on my Rog 5 (test myself) with the 1st Firmware 10 min was enough to reach 50 with the same software benchmark (with the new firmware you can still reach 50° but you need an ambient temperature of +30° and there is no longer any performance (25-30 fps at best)

    Error on my part for the codecs, but for the lowlatency there is such a difference with other devices that I wonder if the Rog 5 actually supports it.



  • rog 5 and older support it, its quite common even in devices from 2016.

    Remember that the duration differs based on ambient temps and airflow inside the house. If you have AC then it takes MUCH longer to reach higher temps. Generally rog5 and 6 are very similair in reaching high temps without cooler. The cooler is the biggest upgrade from what I can tell.

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    I do think ROG Phone 6 need specific KUNAI 3 model, If look at this video, the Box said KUNAI 3 Gamepad "ROG PHONE 6 EDITION", also I notice the Phone Case to attach the KUNAI 3 Controller is different, this KUNAI 3 Gamepad ROG PHONE 6 EDITION's Phone Case back side have larger 'hole' area compare to the previous model KUNAI 3 Gamepad.

    Other than that, everything look the same, I guess you should still able to use the old KUNAI 3 gamepad in the new ROG Phone 6, maybe the Phone Case will not able to fit well or even it fit well with the phone I believe it doesnt fit well with the AeroActive Cooler 6.

    But I assume the Bluetooth mode will work well as usual with the old KUNAI 3 Model in ROG Phone 6.

    and from the video, we can see that the KUNAI 3 Gamepad ROG PHONE 6 EDITION Phone case fit the ROG Phone 5 and also work well as intended.

    However I doubt the KUNAI 3 Gamepad is durable enough or will obtain enough support from ASUS based on my experience. Once the software update of the Controller is messed up, there is no way to revert it to any stable version, and the controller won't work anymore.

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    It sounds like RedMagic 7 Pro or BlackShark 5 Pro will be a better fit for you in your case 😛.

    I'm also going to wait for a while to see how others' true experience with the ROG Phone 6 series goes, since ASUS has a not-so-good name for the inconsistent quality of the 1st batch of delivered products in the past. Hopefully, that gets improved this time 😉. And I wouldn't really call the camera upgraded until they add OIS and get better algorithms. Tested with every gen of ROG phones in-store in the past and their camera experience is only meh~ok level.

  • Nah the algorythm aka software processing is absolutely top tier. There is no other manufacturer that does a better job in neutral processing than ASUS does. Not having OIS isnt actually that big of a deal IF asus actually allows the camera to use ressources. I don't know if the Rog6 does something similair to my kernel, but if it does, then lack of OIS isnt a problem for images, only videos.

  • ktwktw Level 2

    Nah. ASUS still has room for improvement for its image processing algo. The HDR is generally soft, something that many would agree with. The low light condition is definitely one of ASUS's weaknesses, and without OIS it's worse. And although we've seen improvements in conditions with backlighting for the past few years, it's still not as good as other real top-tier flagship phones.

    I think MKBHD has it pretty well said about the camera experience on ROG Phone 6 (and that also applies to other ROG Phones). People buying this phone are probably not for the camera, but at its price point, you would expect it to at least keep up with other premium-priced flagship phones out there. The thing is that it just feels a level behind.

  • CanedraCanedra Level 1

    The most important question for me, is DC dimming available at 60hz only?

  • Thats bs. The hdr on the asus phones arent to soft. Infact its the other phonrs that are typicially oversharpened as hell, this is espeicialy true for phones like galaxy s and iphone. As for low light, its correct that in default mode it struggles however in actual night mode it usually outperforms even gcam. Only issue i can find with the processing algorythm is when using zoom, then it starts sharpening the fk out of the images.

    Its funny that you mention mhkb which also has shown. That the zenfone 7 won the camera competition with the same software as the rog phones.

  • ktwktw Level 2
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    If you are happy with it, so be it 🙂

    And I knew you were going to bring up the 2020 result kek 😛. I have the Zenfone 7 Pro myself and I'm happy with it most of the time and to see that it won the camera test in 2020 -- the catch is that you'll need to pay careful attention to MKBHD's analysis on how the votes were broken down and why people voted it over Mi 10 Ultra in the final round. It's also funny that you are taking the result for Zenfone 7 Pro as proof that this new ROG phone is top-tier just like its Zenfone brothers despite all the flaws that you admitted, some of which the Zenfone is also struggling with.

    Better go check on people's photo reviews on ROG Phone 6 under different conditions, mate, and you'll see why FunBike31 and I had our opinions on the "upgraded camera"

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    Instead of telling people to "go check" how about you provide actual samples? I'm open to anything as long you don't start some vague explanation like "if you knew how" without any source to explain it or give context. Sadly the problems I mentioned exist also in most other flaghsips. I have no fking clue why they have to oversharpen everything.

    EDIT: Ok so I checked some sources such as GSMarena that posts full resolution images and you are right. The processing on the new lens is much worse than previous gen. There is some odd oversharpening and denoise / or noise going on that makes picture look way more "cartoonish" or grainy.

    Best example can be seen here:

    The rog6 is more grainy, oversharpened, still noisy despite denoise and oversaturated. While the Rog5 looks extremely good.


    hmm, has anyone tried using Gcam.apk?

  • BPMBPM Level 2

    Personally, I'm disappointed in the lack of support for the TwinView Dock. I use it a lot on the ROG Phone 3, so the ROG Phone 6 missing support for it doesn't make me want to replace my current phone. 😛

  • very hit or miss. it needs some software improvements.

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