is this a google thing or zenfone 8 thing?

im getting this weird thing were in google play my apps that need updating have a warning saying that there is not enough space, but actually have loads of space.


  • martinparker28martinparker28 Level 2
    edited June 14

    According to your graphic your device is using 117.9gb, hence the warning, looks like 80gb figure is wrong.

  • new usernew user Level 1

    it doesn't make sense because when i press the update button, it updates and the warning goes away... so i think, I don't know what to think...

  • Have you tried turning Storage Manager on?

  • new usernew user Level 1

    i have tried. no difference. what i have noticed is that google photos storage calculation is wrong. it says 700mb on the graphics, and after going in it shows 0.99gb. after uninstalling and installing it again it read the correct amount. now we wait.

  • It does indeed look like the storage in your device is pretty full.

    I would recommend to unload or delete some apps you don't use :)

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