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I have a G75VW with 2 drives in it. They have always been C: and D: drives, they are the same size. Now I want to mirror disk 0 on to disk 1. The system is installed on C: (disk 0) along with the EFI ptn and a recovery ptn. I don't want to mess that up. Can I just configure disk 1 as the mirror of disk 0?



  • Hi there,

    We confirmed with related department.

    This model G75VW support RAID.

    Thank you.

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    I knew that the controller supported RAID - but the question was whether I can turn on mirroring RAID from disk 0 to disk 1 without damaging the contents of disk 0.

  • Hi there,

    Sorry for my misleading.

    Because the unit was launched few years ago, we traced back and confirmed this unit only support RAID 0.

    For the mirroring RAID, should be RAID 1.

    I have to inform you that the unit is not support this.

    We do not suggest you do this.

    Thank you.

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    Look at the manual:

    Page A-20 says that I can create RAID 0 or RAID 1 disk sets. I want to create RAID 1 (mirror).

    What it DOES NOT tell me is whether or not I can do that without destroying the current contents of Drive 0, the one containing the C: drive and the EFI and Recovery partitions. THAT is the question I was asking.

  • Hi there,

    When do RAID, it needs to format the original drive first.

    Therefore, EFI and Recovery partitions will also be deleted.

    It must affect original C: drive.

    Thank you.

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    Ahhh, that was what I was trying to find out all along.

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