Zenfone 8 battery drains fast while screen is active

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I'm on Android 11, latest update, Zenfone 8. I didn't notice this problem the first several days with the phone (which I received about two weeks ago), but for the last week I've been noticing that the battery drains pretty quickly while I'm using apps on it. The battery life is pretty good in idle mode though! I've set the power setting to "Durable" but it still seems to drop 1 percent every 2-3 minutes of active use. The battery is able to last me one day, if I'm not using it constantly, but it's pretty close to empty at the end of the day.

The battery life seems noticeably worse than my Pixel 4a running Android 11, even though I've had the Pixel for 2 years and the Pixel has only a 3140 mAh battery versus the Zenfone 8's 4000 mAh.

I've tried uninstalling power hungry apps, disabling background usage, even totally disabling background sync but it didn't seem to make a difference. I never had to apply these steps to my Pixel btw.

One thing I've noticed is that Google Chrome (which can't be uninstalled btw) is constantly using 10-12% of my CPU, even minutes after I've force-killed the process.

Another is that when I profiled to see the most power hungry apps, Zen UI seemed to be a winner.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Te most obvious conclusion to me is that the screen, or the UI, or some combination, uses a lot of power, but I'm not quite sure why since I'm using Durable mode with fixed 60fps.



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