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hi my zenfone 8 battery drain so fast, i am light user, no gaming. only using instagram,whatsapp and shopping app, can anyone help me for settings. for battery saver,....


  • daniel91mdaniel91m Level 2

    do you use wifi or mobile data?

  • Hi @cattycat53

    1.What's your current firmware version?

    2.Did you notice a battery drain after recent updates?

    3.You can try the following:

    Charge your device to 100% before going to bed -> Put your device in flight mode and note the time -> Check the battery level in the morning and note the time again.

    Report back with your results.

  • Vanja1986Vanja1986 Level 2

    Same here on Android 12. Battery is draining fast. Using dinamic setting and automatic refresh rate.

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    I'm experiencing similar problems but for Android 11. I'll never go back to Android 12, it absolutely murdered the battery of my Pixel 4a and I had to downgrade. I'm surprised to see issues on the Zenfone 8 with Android 11 though. It's only happening for me while the screen is active. The battery life is decent while the phone is idle / screen is off.

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    The biggest problem of zenfone 8 is GSM antenna. If cellular network is active it is responsible for big portion of battery consumption even in idle (even while on wifi). In offline mode I loose 2% overnight, with gsm enabled 7-9%. Wifi have insignificant impact.

    I noticed that battery level indicator loses charge quicker in high values over 70 or so but in low values I was able to get more than 1h SOT when there was 15% of battery. So it loses unproportional amount when at high charge.

    PS. In terms of battery I never had better phone than Lenovo P2 - easily 10h of SOT after 2 years of usage even on LTE. That was a comfort - I didn't have to think about battery, even at 30% in the morning I was able to reach evening.

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