Rog 5 not getting updates.

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Please tell me the current Firmware Version of The Indian Version of Rog 5.

My phone got blacked out in 3 months after buying the phone. My motherboard got replaced. I bought the 8 gb version they gave the 12 gb Ram's motherboard. But I'm not getting any updates after security patch is still from September only. Please tell me should i manually update the new version or keep it the old version only


  • Why would you want to upgrade the firmware of this phone at all?

    Their latest firmwares .210 and .226 have a lot issues, they will downgrade your performance so bad that even cheap android phone under 20K will perform better than this shit they call a gaming phone.

    Try reading the forum sometimes.

  • Hi Redbeard,

    The latest version is [220210] ROG Phone 5 _WW_18.0840.2201.226

    If you are not able to get OTA updates, request you to manually update.

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    I strongly advise you to stay on this firmware version, .86 is the least buggy, the following versions have only brought new bugs. The fixes are very specific and if you're not concerned don't update just yet.

    Here are the corrections that deserve your attention, see if this concerns you.

    Fixed an issue where Instagram would crash when launched as a twin app

    Fixed the abnormal use of U-mobile APP in India

    Fixed an issue with screen abnormalities when playing PUBG: NEW STATE

    Fixed the problem of perspective in the game ‘World War Heroes’

    Fixed issue where incoming call cannot enter call mode when the Sabbat E12 Ultra headset is connected

    Optimize scrolling smoothness in 144 Hz

    Fixed issue with sending MMS messages on Optus Australia

    Fixed an issue where some videos played through apps would get stuck and without response.

    Fixed issue where AirTriggers would become insensitive after opening Taobao APP

    The complete list is here in the description of each Firmware, but beware, some statements are false and sometimes even the opposite. here are the main ones

    -Optimized audio parameters: The .86 has the only major fix, everything else is rubbish

    - Optimize system stability: these different statements should have been a deterioration in stability and in-game experience

    -- reduction of the CPU frequency with greedy games related to the temperature

    -- random reboot as often if not more for those concerned

    -- Introduction of a BUG not fixed to date.

    -- Introduction of Bug in Armory Create

    - Optimize the charging experience function, here too ASUS should have written, deterioration of the charging experience, protocols like PD / PPS are not even recognized anymore

    This is not exhaustive, I could spend the day there

    The only reason to upgrade to .226, at the cost of a disastrous user experience, is to add Google security fixes. If you do not use a hack or other programs that do not come from the PlayStore, if you browse the Internet safely and if you pay attention to SMS and emails received, stay in .86

    Also ask ASUS for explanations after your repair, the reason for not receiving an OTA is an unlocking of the BootLoader for example, a Root and other reasons, all these operations void the warranty. Report this impossible OTA to ASUS service center in writing, @ARP_ASUS answer is not satisfactory, you can update manually, but Why and what are the future implications

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