M.2 SSD in ASUS X507

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Hello friend, 

Models: X507UB, X507UF, X507UA, X507UBR, X507M

There are many confusion regarding M.2 SSD slot In asus X507 series laptop

Yes asus x507 have M.2 SSD slot behind the motherboard 

for reference watch this video : https://youtu.be/K5WTYzdR7sI

Now the main question is if asus X507 have M.2 slot 

Which type of M.2 SSD will fit 

There are two types of M.2 SSD 

1) M.2 Sata (low speed about 600MB/s 

 read & write) 

2) M.2 NVMe (Hight speed about 2000MB/s read & write) 

Both SSD are support in asus X507 in

8 gen,7 gen and also in 6 gen laptop

Upto 1TB 

NOTE : But if you want to buy NVMe SSD please remember it will produce heated 🔥 about 50-60°C as its read and write speed are high

If you want to go with SATA SSD it will produce Less heat about 30 to 40°C

I have successfully Installed NVMe SSD in my asus X507UB 

The SSD which I have installed is


You can go for any M.2 SSD

Samsung, WD, Crucial, HP, Kingston etc

For installation refer this video: Https://youtu.be/K5WTYzdR7sI

Once you have successfully install you SSD in asus X507 

Now you have to initialize your SSD 

1) go to disk management

2) you will see your drive Unallocated ( ⚫ black colour) 

3) quick format your drive

4) And it will show as allocated (🔵 blue colour) 

Note : allocated your drive In GPT or MBR please refer to your earlier (old) drive if it was in GPT Formate your new SSD in GPT If it was in MBR formate in MBR

Note : GPT is Faster than MBR 

For reference watch this video : https://youtu.be/wSFAUN4dEF4

If you want to transfer (clone) your OS (windows) to your New SSD without data loss here are the steps 

1) download hasleo software

2) Then selecte your C drive click next 

3) Selecte your SSD drive click next

4) wait for 100% completion

5) after that restart and press F2 for BIOS

And make SSD as boot priority

6) Format Your old HDD C drive 

That It 

You will be able to transter your OS (Windows) 

In your New SSD drive 

For reference watch this Video : https://youtu.be/N5aMUpivv1s

For BIOS setting watch this video : https://youtu.be/d1WdejNnuuk

From 10:20

NOTE : Don't worry if you are not able to see your SSD in BIOS after installation It will automatically appear after OS (Windows) Transfer (clone) 

NOTE : ASUS service center or customer care will say that they don't know if it has M.2 slot or not

And It will only support SATA M.2 SSD with 256 Capacity only 

All are false answer

Please refer above

NOTE: ASUS will say only SATA SSD because of heating issue as the slot in near CPU & GPU it will heat more

I Will recommend that go for 250 or 500GB Nvme SSD as they will heat less 


Simply go for laptop cooling pads It will work fine

There will not much heating issue with NVMe SSD also they will heat because of high speed

Don't worry

Heating related to SSD

For reference watch this video : https://youtu.be/Z3auLJtDb7s https://youtu.be/IQml5A27Iv8

If you have any questions related to X507 you can comment down below

Thank you



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