Snapchat selfie camera looks like it was recorded on a 2011 Nintendo 3DS *with proof*

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As the title says, the front camera on the Zenfone 8 for Snapchat looks and sounds like it was quite literally recorded on a Nintendo 3DS from 2011. Never have I ever been so embarrassed to post my own videos on my Snapchat story because of the quality of the front camera. The back/main camera isn't perfect, but it's tolerable. But the front is just absolutely horrible. I will post 4 videos and 1 picture that I shot on my Zenfone 8 with the latest Android 12 firmware installed. Ignore my face, I chose actual videos that I recorded at school and with friends using the front camera on Snapchat so you guys can see just how bad it looks in real life scenarios.

4 videos and 1 picture below. All recorded on Snapchat FRONT camera. Videos are all grainy and the sound is staticky. Please Asus fix this. I'm so tired of being made fun of for my camera quality. This phone was released in 2021... 🤦‍♂️😕


  • I would also like to add that about a good % of Zenfone owners in the United States are between the ages of 16-30. WE USE SNAPCHAT!!!!!! I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say here "The Zenfones are great, but the Snapchat camera is horrible so I'm gonna go with an iPhone instead"...

    You guys lose SO many customers because you don't care about the 3rd party camera quality like Snapchat or Instagram. When will you guys realize that the quality of 3rd party cameras is the main deciding factor to buy a phone for 90% of Americans. Sorry, if I sound upset or frustrated. This is my 3rd Zenfone I've owned, and I'm just tired of always having to put up with horrible 3 party camera support.

  • Even in the first-party app the selfie camera is absolutely trash when you are not under the direct sunlight lol. It gets all grainy and smeary

  • 2 things:

    1.) If selfie camera is so important the flip is literally the best selfie camera phone on the planet. Makes me wonder why you go for a phone like the ZF 8 non flip.

    2.) It's not ASUS's fault but Snapchat. ASUS exposes all camera API's for 3rd parties to implement good image quality, that being said 3rd party devs don't seem to care. If you're this mad about it, talk to snapchat dev team not ASUS, ASUS literally did all they could by exposing all API's for the camera free to use for 3rd party devs.

    What you're effecitvely doing is the equivelent of blaming a chainsaw company to cause a man to chop without turning the chainsaw on at a tree instead of turning it on and sawing a tree like a normal human being.

    To give you an idea how lazy and braindead the snapchat devs are, Instead of using the Camera2API like competent developers, instead Snapchat literally takes a screenshot of your camera viewport or records your viewport for videos, yes, this sht is real and not a joke.

  • The thing is, its not the app that is the problem right now, its the selfie camera hardware that is so bad to the point where it is basically e-waste. That is Asus' and only Asus' fault.

  • You don't really have a point because every single selfie camera is basicially trash. Find me 1 phone that isnt any of the Zenfone flips that doesn't have a terrible camera.

    good luck.

  • My iphone 8 from 2017 was much much better with its 8MP sensor that is most likely smaller too... Yes, I know every single selfie camera is trash (or not very good), but this one is worse than that, its close to unusable when there is no direct sunlight.

  • First of all, your point is BS. I know what I'm talking about. I have owned 3 Asus Zenfones. Zenfone 3, 6 and now 8.

    1. As to why I didn't go with the Zenfone 8 flip? Well because it's 2022 and I'm not about to sacrifice water resistancy over a flip camera. I already stressed about it enough with the Zenfone 6 24/7. On top of that, I have absolutely no interest in the main camera app to take selfies. I only use Snapchat to record 99% of the time. Again, this goes back to WHY Snapchat/IG is so much more important than the main camera app.

    2. What you said isn't true at all. My Zenfone 3 AND 6 took absolutely great pictures and videos with Snapchat. As a matter of fact, I'd be willing to go digging thru my closet just to pull them out and upload their Snapchat pics here just to prove you wrong and show you just how absolute trash the Zenfone 8's front camera is.

    3. When the Zenfone 6 first came out, I bought the phone. The Zenfone 6's front facing camera on Snapchat was absolutely horrible the first 5 months. If you go through the Zenfone 6 forums from about 2019~2020, you will most likely find me talking about how how bad the camera was and all that. Guess what? THEY LISTENED and fixed it. My Zenfone 6 started taking absolutely AMAZING Snapchat pics and videos after 5 months, after I complained enough and they told me to send them logs and everything. And above all of this, my Zenfone 3 took absolutely great pics on Snapchat with the front camera.

    My point is, this phone is a 2021 phone that is absolutely getting it's butt kicked by it's predecessors, the Zenfone 3 and 6. And don't you dare even tell me "well, the Zenfones 6 uses a higher megapixel camera for it's front selfie camera" because that's bull**** as well. I had long conversations with Asus about the Zenfone 6 and Snapchat, and the Zenfone 6 uses the far less megapixel wide-angle camera for snap and just crops the image. But EVEN with this, it's still far better than the Zenfone 8.

    I already know that it's mainly Snapchats fault. I've been dealing with this for years, you don't need to coach me bud. But from my experience and what I asked the Asus team to do with previous Zenfones, I know that they are more than capable of tuning 3rd party all cameras as they have done for me for the Zenfone 3 and 6.

  • Quite wrong, the Zenfone 8's front camera is significantly better. Also The iphone 8 has 7MP not 8mp.

    This is a load of uninformed crap.

    The Zenfone 3 and 6 have awful cameras, both cameras are completely lacking in featureset and are not even Camera2API compliant, meaning they lack features such as depth and RAW.

    1.) Unless you actively plan on taking a dive with your Zenfone 8 I find your argument quite bad. You act as if the Zenfone 8 flip will die when you hold it in rain, which, spoiler alert, it doesn't.

    2.) It's 100% true, wheter you like it or not. The reason the Zenfone 6 "took" better images was because the camera was so bad that it doesnt even support camera2API. Snapchat devs simply couldnt bother updating their apps to comply with newer cameras that all use the camera2API. So any old terrible camera with no camera2API support will take better pictures on snapchat vs modern camera2API cameras.

    3.) It never did take great pics, don't kid yourself. Due to how snapchat works and compresses the images and videos it will be mediocre at best. Also they tell everybody to send logs, no matter what and they only use that for statistical purposes. Having Android logs on a problem related to camera quality on snapchat is 100% worthless, but you're not an Android developer so obvioulsy you're not aware of this. To make matters worse:

    It wasnt ASUS that made the camera better but snapchat dev team.

    So instead of talking nonsense and demonstrate your clear lack of understanding how Snapchat and Android works, better listen to people who know what the hell they're talking about and complain at the right places.

    The only way you can get good quality videos and images is by making snapchat use the camera via the camera2API while compressing images similair to what google does on their google fotos application, then you'd have excellent image and video quality, however instead you rather want to complain to ASUS about something they have 0 control of. They provide all the tools needed for snapchat to implement perfect images quality, however they don't give a damn. Snapchat has and will always be one of the worst and most lazy applications in social media.

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    Yeah, nah bruh, You're literally wrong 😂

    1. First off, I go to college for mechanical engineering and software engineering. So watch your mouth before you go around saying that I have a "lack of understanding" and that I need to "listen to others who know what the hell they're talking about" because you clearly don't.

    2. I read that goddamn article from business insider about how "Omg, Snapchat is gonna revamp image and video performance on Androids!!" back in 2019. Yeah, total BS. If you were there then you would know that the whole Snapchats "revamp" didn't do anything. I remember this clearly. Every dude and girl at my school were super disappointed in it. The ONLY time there was ever any noticable improvements in Snapchat camera performance for Zenfones was when Asus actually did it themselves. Snapchat didn't do s*** like you said they did in 2019.

    2. The Zenfone 6 and 8 "flip" camera mechanism is and always was a flop. No s*** it's not going to break if you hold it in rain. Anybody would know that. But can I run the phone underwater to rinse off the oil or dirt I get on it because of my college engineering classes for example? No. Did my Zenfone 6's gears become gritty because I tried to record a simple video while it was windy blowing a little sand? Yes. The idea of a non dirt/water resistant phone in 2021/2022 is an absolute joke. Yeah sure, the flip camera mechanism is a cool feature, but it isn't practical. And there is no way you are going to convince me otherwise. Hell, every time I would record Snapchat videos with my Zenfone 6 and I wanted to flip the camera WHILE recording a video, you'd hear that loud a** stepper motor whirring for a split second when rewatching the videos. Again, it's a cool feature, but not practical.

    2. If you honestly think that Asus has absolutely or close to 0 control over the camera performance on Snapchat, then you are absolutely confused. Can Asus find a way around the whole "Snapchat on Android only screenshot what's on the screen" issue? Probably not. Not unless they make a deal with Snapchat like Google did for the PIXEL 6. BUT, can Asus tweak the camera a little bit so that it'll look and perform better right before Snapchat takes a screenshot of the screen? Yes, absolutely. Why? Because they have literally done it before with almost EVERY Zenfone 🤦‍♂️

    Example 1. When the Zenfone 3 first came out, videos on Snapchat had EXTREMELY quiet audio. Like, I had to practically scream/yell into the mic for you to hear me in videos on Snapchat. At the time, I sent an email to both Asus and Snapchat through forums and what not, addressing the audio issue. Guess who replied with an actual solution? Asus. Asus told me that they were working on the issue and were going to re-tweak the mic level on all 3rd party camera apps for the next update. Snapchat never replied, ofc. And guess what? Next update for the Zenfone 3, the mic audio issue was fixed. Not a single other problem. Snapchat didn't fix that buddy, Asus did.

    Example 2. Zenfone 6 had the SAME quiet audio issue that the Zenfone 3 did when it first came out. Once again, I know this because I bought and owned the phone when it first came out. And just like I did before, I asked Asus to fix it through the forums, and boom. Issue gone the next update.

    Example 3. Zenfone 6 uses to have a video stutter problem. I gave up on asking Snapchat for help, so I started to only ask Asus. And as you can guess, they fixed the issue within the next 2 updates. And KEEP IN MIND, when my Zenfone 6 was having stuttering + bad image quality, this was all in late 2019. November or December if I remember correctly. So like I said before, the whole article you sent me about "Omg, Snapchat revamped image and video quality for Androids! 🤓" is complete utter garbage. I myself, and many other Zenfone 6 users in the US would agree. It wasn't until early 2020 did Asus FINALLY perfect the Zenfone 6's camera performance themselves. Not Snapchat like you said.

    Another thing to point out is that literally with the past few updates for the Zenfone 8, Asus has said on the change log "Improved Snapchat camera performance" meaning that they have literally worked on it and tweaked something. They too said the same thing with the Zenfone 3 and 6 in the past. Now unless you're telling me that a million dollar company is lying to their customers about a change log of what they did, you have got to be wrong buddy.

    So go ahead and tell me how wrong I am and that I have a "lack of understanding 🤓" because I'd love to hear it. I've been dealing with Asus and their Snapchat quality issue since the Zenfone 3 was released in 2016 and I know for damn sure that they are more than capable of tweaking camera performance. They can't fix it completely, but like I said again, I know for damn sure that they can tweak it as they have done so many times before in the past for previous Zenfones.

  • 1.) I don't care what you self proclaim yourself to be, it's clear you demonstrate absolute lack of understanding how snapchat works even tho it's very common knowledge these days even for normal end users such as yourself.

    2.) You clearly didnt read the article because the update has been pushed back then when you claim ASUS has fixed it and you have been experiencing exacly that on your old Zenfone 6. To illustrate your blatant lie further:

    Here is the changelog of every single firmware which they have pushed for the Zenfone 6, now which update states they improved picture quality of 3rd party apps? Exacly, none. At this point you're embarresing yourself.

    The fact that you think you should put a phone underwater when it's oily makes me wonder if you even understand the interactions between oil and water. Not only that but there are way more efficient ways than dunking the phone into a pool of water.

    I couldnt be bothered to read your examples as they probably will boil down to more nonsense.

    As for your claim on ASUS improving on snapchat, they did no such thing. It's simply a miscommunication between the marketing folks and the devs, the devs improved on camera on the mods thought it refered to 3rd party apps as well, which as we all know today it doesn't which can be further proven by checking out the changelogs that never mention snapchat or 3rd party application camera support:

    So please for the love of god stop embarresing yourself.

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    Do you even have a Zenfone 8? It doesn't look like so, and seems like you are basing your facts on reviews and specs, not on your actual testing and experience...

    Did you just tell me, who has both an iphone 8 and the Zenfone 8, that the camera quality on the Zenfone is better because...? I have taken pictures and made video calls with both and I can tell you for a fact that the Zenfone 8's selfie camera is way worse than the iPhone.

    Please stop arguing that the camera is trash because it's not snapchat or Asus, or whoevers software is bad it doesn't add anything to the conversation. Still the point stands. The Zenfone 8 selfie camera is way worse than any other smartphone of this class at the moment.

    And unless you can show me proof that the iphone 8 takes worse shots compared to the Zenfone, don't come at me saying that the Zenfone selfie camera is way superior... I am telling you, you will have a hard time doing that as it takes better pictures

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