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Horribly bad 3rd party camera performance

Rising Star II
I have made a huge thread about this before and sadly, nothing was fixed in the last update. The low light camera performance is SO BAD on 3rd party apps. It over brightens dark images, records video in what looks like almost 15-20fps and I feel even embarrassed to post videos from my phone on my Snapchat stories because people ask me why my low light videos looks like they were shot with a 10 year old phone 🥲 Test videos from Snapchat are below.
Selfie camera: Records very smooth, natural brightness. No fake over brightening. Looks 100% good.
Main rear camera: Records in what looks like 15-20fps. Unnaturally bright. Looks fake and doesn't look like a 2021 phone recorded it...
It's sad that I cannot use my 2021 Zenfone 8 to post a video on Snapchat *one of the most popular apps in America for communication* without being asked why do my night videos look horrible 🥲 I know I made so many threads about this but please request the dev team to look at this again. Thank you. @Gustav_ASUS @irenatoljan @Irene2_ASUS