X Mode not locking to 2.96 since A11

A lot of my games are running pretty bad since A11 latest (Earlier builds weren't like this). Most of them are capped to 30 FPS and the phone is somehow struggling to even hit that. Looking at Game Genie - The clock speed is always stuck at 826 MHz.

I've tried restarting the phone, clearing cache of different apps/system, and removing the app from Crate and re-adding.


  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Strange about the FPS. I can hit 60, 90 FPS consistently. I have been playing COD mobile and have been without any problems though as you mention, the CPU does not lock in at max speed. Mine varies almost like the governor is set to On Demand (i.e. when the CPU resource is needed at that time). I guess this is the response to people complaining about low on-screen time when playing on their phones.

    I have already done a factory reset (not for this problem) on the latest version 18.0210.2111.190. It will be interesting to see why this has happened though it doesn't affect me (well it does, but I don't feel/see the effects).

  • Yeah - I don't really get what is going on. Everything was fine until I noticed one of my games couldn't even get above 25 FPS and it was dropping frames like mad. The game itself is capped to 30.

    Phone runs really cool as well. Game Genie never shows it above 30C.

    Even on emulators like Citra(GitHub and Store versions), it's showing the core clocks as being low and the CPU is pretty much maxed out and it's barely able to keep the emulator around 90% speed. I've played through many games on it without any performance issues. So, it perplexes me why it's acting this way all of a sudden. Haven't installed anything new on my phone in months as well.

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    Due to this FPS drop and not locking to 2.96GHZ clock speed in games like CODM and BGMI, I have downgraded ROG 2 back to Android 10 !. ASUS please look into this matter and solve it with some further update!

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