Please can someone help me please?

I have an asus rog phone 5 and i have a problem, it's a bug file. I've already deleted these files but i always come back after i play pubg with x mode enable. I've tried to reset the phone and it disappears but came back after some times. It appears in music and after ringtone and the name is gamefree. Inside there are many "tone.mp3" files that can t be open. Please help me


  • These files are installed by an application, they will come back as long as the application is present.

    To my knowledge, there is no specific authorization accessible from the interface for the music subfolders, so by removing only the authorization under music the application in question will no longer work.

    I don't use pubg but it looks weird to me that it uses ringtones, you haven't downloaded Pubg mobile ringtones or other ringtone or theme packs?

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