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Lighting armor case theme

Star I
hello. I just bought the armor lighting case for my Rog 5 and I don't know how to download the theme that comes pre-loaded

Star I
i have the same issue i cant find the theme either!!! can ayone help us on how to get it when you have already the lighting armor case for the Rog 5????

Zen Master I
Hi @larelare @3vilmind
After attaching the case, it will ask you if you want to apply the theme.
You should also be able to find it on "My themes"
Go to Settings => Themes => Me => My Themes
Let me know if it doesn´t appear there.

Star I
El intenté con el método que menciona y no funcionó, utilece el método de conectar el teléfono a un computador mediante USB, desconecté y me arrojó el mensaje para utilizar el tema.

Star I
I've recently purchased the Rog Phone 5s Pro and the Lighting Armour Case for it, and found a MAJOR BUG. When the case lights are on and audio is playing while having the Music Lighting Setting on, and have armoury crate open, armoury crate won't respond until you turn off the light or pause the music, or turn off that setting. I don't know where else to post this problem.