My RoG 5 is back to back hardbrick since I purchased it on last June.

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Some basic information before share my experience:

  1. Model name: ASUS ROG Phone 5 ZS673KS-1A046ID BLK 8G.
  2. Firmware Version: Last update available this early November, Im update it automaticly because the sistem ask to update by setting app of the phone.
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted.
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Last week, is the second time for my RoG 5 to be hard-bricked.
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Genshin Impact, Graphics settings (as I remembered): High 60 fps.

Since I buy it on June 28th, I used to play genshin impact with it. As I recall, Im start to play genshin around the early days of July with standart setting of graphics by the phone, which is Medium 30 fps. As my interest about the game growing, around August (which about 1 month after playing genshin for the first time), I'm start to advance the graphic setting to High 60 fps, with Aerocooler 5 on + by pass charge mode on the Game Genie (which is recommeded to used if you play game for longer time, as far as I know). Everything is okay until the first firmware update came on September (as Im not forgoten). Then, about 2-3 days after updating the firmware (by the setting app), the phone suddenly booting out of no where while Im played genshin. Then Im turning the phone on again, but it's completely died (hardbricked, after I learn some about it). Then I sent it to the nearest asus (official) authorized service center, and they recieve it to be repaired with 1 month reparing time. I agree with it, and that's it, the first hardbrick goes. Then, the next month after it, which is October already (and which also just about 1 month ago from now), the phone is back to life again. Im using the phone again with exactly the same routine (play genshin impact on the phone about 6-8 hours/days, despite the other things like whatching, social media, etc., and everything is good until yet another firmware update came again on the early of November, for optimizing charging system (I read on the description of the update). As a good user, I update the firmware again, and just the same, 3 days after updating the firmware, the phone is back to died (hardbrick) again, after a short of bootloop period on November 14th (last week). It's just 1 month after Im waiting for 1 month repairing time from the first hardbrick. And now, Im gonna wait for another month, since I sent it again to the same service center before. In total of 5 months since I purchased it, it is just an absolute roller coster experince for me, to be honest. I loved the performance, the thermal is not an issue for me since I played with gaming glove. But, if it is not as capable to run genshin impact as Im done (yes, arguably 6-8 hours/day in 1 month playing genshin impact maybe is kinda sick), why there is no warning for it before? Am I the only one to play like that with RoG 5?



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