Refund not given by Asus Rog 5

edited December 2021 in ROG Phone 5

Dear Asus,

In just 4 months of Usage my motherboard corrupted twice first problem is with WIfi & Hotspot issue & after 40 days of new Motherboard problem with charging, they confirmed that this time also problem with main board (RMA NOS- INH3MB0191 & INH3M90106)

I request for refund they told me to wait for 72 hours on 12Th nov, today is 22nd Nov, still no helps no update nothing as such, after buying a premium flagship device, this is the behaviour of Asus? Really Pathetic..

Not used more than 3 Months, why they make device like this, shame on then, I want a clear view on my case & update me..

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