MyAsus Fan Problem

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  1. System: Windows 10.
  2. Battery or AC: AC.
  3. Model: GA401QC Zephyrus G14
  4. Frequency of occurrence: Almost always.
  5. Reset OS: Yes.
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

Since a few days after checking the status of the laptop on MyAsus there says: There may be an issue with the fan.

I personally listen all the fans ok. They spin fast when they have to, and they quiet when they have to aswell but it's something that annoys me because this laptop has one month and half since I bought it.

I run the test four times in a row and shows the same problem. Don't know what should I do since I'm from mexico and the nearest Asus center is around 20 hrs driving.

Armoury Crate almost always says GPU frecuency and temperature: Energy Saving. Don't know if i'm doing something wrong. Should I update something?

Bios: 401.



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    Dear all,

    My ASUS has been released to solve the fan diagnosis issue.

    Please kindly help to update.

    Thank you.


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