UX425JA Power Delivery Firmware

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I have a same problem with USB-C on UX425JA.

Did user PJD solve it?

I need "old" firmware too.



  • Hi there,

    Did you also update the firmware from UX425EA website?

    Thank you.

  • Yes, I downloaded it from https://www.asus.com/ru/Laptops/For-Home/Zenbook/Zenbook-14-UX425-11th-Gen-Intel/HelpDesk_BIOS/?model2Name=Zenbook-14-UX425-11th-Gen-Intel

  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry that the FW is for UX425EA, not for UX425JA.

    If you installed it and have issue with charging, then you need to send the device to our service center to roll it back.

    Thank you.

  • ikot24ikot24 Level 1
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    Do you have an instruction how to return the correct firmware?

    My notebook still have 80% of battery charge, so I can try to do it myself.

  • Hi there,

    There is no new PD firmware for JA, but it can not use EA firmware either.

    So if you have installed the EA firmware, please send the device back to the service center to install the JA one back.

    I'm sorry that it can not be done by end user.

    Thank you.

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