Thank you ASUS. A final bid thy farewell.

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Starting off with an honest remark: I had a great time using the ZenFone 5Z in the initial year. However, if you really do care about your $$$ and experience, please DO NOT get a phone from Asus. Ever, really. Been a long-time user since 2014 (ZenFone 5, which happens to be the first phone in my lifetime) and 2018 (ZenFone 5Z). Twice did I trust, twice did I REGRET! The former had its CPU give up one morning randomly, and the latter one started to reboot randomly with unreliable cellular connection and battery drain. What's worse, they ended support by pushing such a software update that neither not only ever fix those issues throughout, but also BRICKED the camera focusing system. 

The pandemic restrictions, the not-so-understanding service-centres always looking for some quick cash, and the 'ZenTalk' community of "helpers" really did help me really learn about the dark side of Asus and finally make the move out towards other manufacturers.

Whilst the direct competitor OnePlus 6T will be getting Android 11, even the 12 Beta with a perfectly working camera and reliable network connection (which is the very reason we buy a phone for amirite?). Now, we have this disappointing of a device (and manufacturer) that just failed us. Ended support by bricking things off - thanks Asus, I guess, so much for a flagship 'killer' (the irony 💀)


  • I totally agree with you. no user support whatsoever. the company does not want to hear from us, its users. they just don't care about us. they make products only for profit, while other companies listen and try to please everyone. I have long been disappointed in the mobile division of the company. I will never allow myself to buy an ASUS smartphone again. even if they release the best smartphone in the world, I will not buy it. and all this is due to the fact that there is no support from the company. there are no administrators here, the moderators are bots that can't help with any problem. I am very sorry about my choice of an ASUS smartphone.

  • Hi, please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you, since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

    1. We never leave our customers behind and if you have any issues, you can always create a thread and we will be always happy to help you.

    2. Not sure about the dark side, you can let us know in detail. 

    3. I am not comparing or talking ill about any other product, but if you follow a brand closely you will always find some or the other bug. Notably most comes with Android which needs some time to be ironed out. Also, it isn't necessary 1 bug will exactly replicate on all other phones (Cellular, camera) that you mentioned.

  • Asus is still defending itself. So what is this thing you do to 5z users?

  • You have given us a terrible zenfone 5z experience. We deserve at least a bug-fixed update

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  • Yes i agree, Atleast Zenfone 5z deserves latest security patches and bug fixes for sometime because in month of march Zenfone 5z got january security patch which is very bad...! while all other ASUS flasghips where on latest February security patch/ some where even on march patch at the time when update was release at the end of march this is not justifyable with older flagships. It seems Asus doesnt care much if device gets 2 years Old. Also i have alredy shared lots of bug threads to get a fixes and ASUS ignored them all...

    How is this customer freindly and satisfactory??? We Zenfone 5z users Dont aggree with ASUS that Asus did alot for Zenfone 5z.... Best flagship all undefined...!!! @fussion_ASUS  @CH_ASUS @Titan_ASUS @Laura_ASUS @Falcon_ASUS @Karen_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS @ARP_ASUS


  • With all due respect, I have to agree to disagree.

    First of all, this sounds 100% defensive just as @hkorkut mentioned about. Secondly, I'm a digital product designer working with the tech industry for the past 6+ years creating both hardware and software across but not limited to both iOS and Android, and after coming across with not one or two but a sizeable sample of devices with a diverse set of manufactures and developers, I am confident to say that it was a mistake to trust Asus the 2nd time. You see, it didn't happen once, but twice did a 'ZenFone'//Asus just disappoint me when I needed it the most.

    I don't think it's excusable to come across basic functionalities like cellular and camera of the phone stay bug-ridden for an extended amount of time, and then instead of doing the most-apparent job (i.e., to do damage-control and provide fixes), it turns a blind-eye, and the next thing I know is that somebody is here to be so defensive. Moreover, it's funny how what you said was not even a plausible reason that might sound solid-enough to be even believable for the very least.

    It feels like gaslighting. Abandoning a 'flagship' which was supposed to give an extended "we will replace with a new unit if anything goes wrong with your unit until that gets fixed" policy, which is now something like "sorry your phone is a bit out of warranty and we know that one of our 'updates' bugged-up the camera and cellular so bad you literally either have to PAY for the repair or just get a new phone".

    Okay. But I heard it all last time, put my trust and so I bought the new ZenFone 5Z, you know? What has changed?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Now I don't think there's a way back by any chance. I think we as users need to stand-up to this corporate overlord practices and really assert that we are the people who are paying for a good product and it's a responsibility, like an involved relationship, and you just can't be so wreckless about things like these and be so defensive. I'm sorry, but I think I'mma pass.

    Thank you.

  • Everyone's problem is the same as mine. Zenfone 5z. We want a final update with bugs fixed. It's that simple and clear. How difficult can this be for you?

  • Of course, it is easier for you not to see what I write!

  • @hkorkut mate I'm actually on your side hahah the rant was meant for @fussion_ASUS do notice it :3

    But anyway, I don't think it's his fault. It's all happening higher up (I think). No worries though, I just rather got a Galaxy S20 FE 5G and an iPhone 12 in this festive season. Enough with hollow promises of Asus, which is an extremely sad note to leave it on not gonna lie.

  • Matter of another shocker: ZF5Z competitor released at the same time is now eligible for the Android 12 update (stable) and here we have the ZF5Z abandoned on Android 10. Big whoops.


  • OMG the ZenFone 5 z was released in June 2018 . It's almost 4 years old ( well 3.5 but who's counting) . Time to go shopping people !

  • Uhh, well I actually did get myself a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G) but that's not the point. A 4 to 5 year cycle of usage is pretty standard for a lot of markets especially for those who make sound financial decisions. The pandemic also ensures an imminent financial crash.

    Phones are of detrimental liabilities, it's hardly ever an 'asset' and in the day and age of $1,000 flagships, I believe getting a phone is quite the investment. Thus, "get a new phone" is the same as somebody who's asked about "why would you need privacy" and them answering "I have nothing to hide!" 😃 it's about time we stopped normalising planned-obsolescence and abolishing right to repair. Maybe not all people are at the best of times to afford a new smartphone cuz they might be having other priorities?

    Cuz no 'ideal' or atleast a 'good' product should really feel like something that might draw you down like this but with Asus, it really felt like it. Let's see how it goes with Samsung and later on I believe I'll be switching onto iOS cuz that's a more sound choice one I'm in the US (hopefully, for my higher studies). Currently I'm in India so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • All have same problem.. they shiped a flasgship price phone with outdated OS out of the box. They provide 2 major update and stopped @ android10. If you can recall that time we ask them to provide VoLTE they provide after long time after other release.. we ask them to VoWiFi on all career, they ignore us and saying Telecoms are not supporting them to provide VoWifi..they spend around 1.5 year and then release VoWiFi for JiO only but all other career are missing support for VoWiFi.. Customer have to beg for such basic feature in so called flagship phones. According to asus a product lifecycle is only around 2 years for a flagship phone of around Rs 45000.

    "Asus please take it seriously" : Our trust form Asus is over. And everyone here must be agree. It's start of you end..

  • You're damn right. They saw it's a real problem and guess what, they closed the discussion even without solving or even addressing it!

    I'm so done with Asus, that's it. That was the last straw!

  • 45000?

    Which variant are you talking about?

    I got my 6/64 for 25k in 2018 BBD

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    You make a decent argument but the reality is that$1000 is not top dollar for a phone today, look at what iPhone's cost now . The way I deal with it is to sell my phones after 12 months or so, while it's still worth something,and buy a new one. That's what I meant by,, time to go shopping,,

    On average I am roughly$200/$250 au out of pocket each time I flip a phone but I always have a relatively new phone and don't have to nag Asus about updates,and we all know what nagging Asus gets us ,, SFA . ( SFA Aussie talk but I think it's universally recognised ) LOL

  • Haha you're doing it right mate, actually you see, the place I'm from is notorious for imposing heavy taxes on these imported phones (and basically everything else) and the economy is kinda weak too so that strategy really doesn't work here (most of the times). Also, it's too much be of a hassle as well (I'm a working professional who is also pursuing multiple disciplines of further education) and the last thing I wanna face is a troublesome experience like this 😂

  • @Aryan202 bro, I have 8/256 GB variant and I didn't purchase it on any sale. I know it was my bad decision.

  • Alright guys, let's keep it relevant now shall we please? 😀 don't worry, we all make awkward stuffs every now and then hahah I feel your pain :3 I actually waited for the perfect moment to get my new Galaxy S20 FE 5G at $499, practically less than the price I bought my ZF5Z at! ($550 in August 2018)

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