LED indication of calls and messages

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An idiotic decision to make an LED indication on the end of the phone. No one probably puts the phone screen down, but it's easy to turn the phone away from yourself with the indicator. And how do you think you can see the incoming message. Every time I change my location, I have to turn the phone with the indicator to myself or if it is standing vertically, take it and look at it all the time. The height of idiocy. The one who came up with this thought with his ass because the indicator is also there at the bottom. Make an indication on the screen because there is an LED that lights up during face recognition. And in the silicone case, too, nothing is visible. In general, for me and I think for others who think so, this is the dumbest decision to skip a message or call.


  • Yes. It's better also if ASUS will alot a notification dot on the screen not just on bottom part of the phone. I usually place my phone on a phone stand. So if the screen is turned off I can't see if there's already a message when I didn't notice the notif sound.

    It would be better if they will make an indicator on upper part of the screen. Just like when the front camera is open. Since the screen is AMOLED.

  • Well the feature is still useful when the phone is flat horizontal and you don't want to waste power with AOD (also considering the embarassing power management of ZF8). I agree that nowadays phone stands are way more common than before, maybe having both options would be the best.

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    For me the position of the led is perfect. I put the phone top down in the pocket of my trousers, the led is perfectly visible this way so I don't have to pull out the phone completely. Very nice when you want to use your phone in silent mode and inconspicuously. My previous phone had the indicator at the front which was not very helpful in this case...so things are different for different people and purposes ;)

  • I dont know why they dont have always on display option just for notifications. Small icons, moving slightly slowly in the middle of the screen would not drain much battery, or leave burn-in (if implemented correcly).

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