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Pocket mode problem

Star II

Hi, I have issues with pocket mode. It is very unreliable. The phone is very often unlocked after take out from the pocket and there are running apps, sometimes is "my pocket making" calls or messages uncontrollably. But when I am holding phone to taking photos (when I am holding it wrong over the sensors but is easy to hold it this wrong way) , pocket mode warning screen appears only after camera shutter button pressed! That is very bad feature at this setting. Pocket mode working maybe only on lock screen, so that is nonsense. It works when it doesn't and it doesn't work when it does. In combination with fingerprint on side in the power button I am getting to hate this design... I never had this issues with Zenfone 5z that have the fingerprint on his back. 



Hey @Geodon750,

Could you please share your screen lock settings? 

Star I

If you can, return it and get a different brand. ASUS have known about this for long enough but refuse to rectify. I just refunded my ZenFone 9 for this same reason. What a stupid way to scuttle what could be a great phone.