Red Tint and Black Crush Issue

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Hello Everyone,

How many of ROG 3 uses are facing Red Tint and Black Crush Issues?

@Anders_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @tit or Any other Devs can answer this question - Is going to Asus Service Centre Fix this issue? I already replaced my phone twice and the issue is with the replacement piece also.



  • Asus is a big brand with less Developers. Asus can't fix this issue that's what I reckon. They want us to buy Rog 5 or Rog 5s. No way I'm ever going to buy another Rog phone because ik software is the pain area with Asus's phone.

  • All Rog users are facing both color banding and red tint.

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    The Red Tint anyway it's a setting they have put on youtube.

    If you try opening multi-tasking, you will see the red tint will disappear also in the youtube window.

    Black crush will disappear when in 2022 or 2023 we will switch to a not-asus phone ahaha

  • As long as you use a OLED phone I doubt those issues will "disappear" per se

    It's just the tech

  • please asus..,to fix black crush issue, this is so suck

  • Black Crush is not a feature of Amoled, it's a feature of rog phones, Samsung has no black crush...

  • except my custom kernel eliminates both. I have neither red tint nor color banding. It's due to OLED panels being a pain to calibrate. If you want to ensure all phones have 0 red tint and 0 color banding you'd have to manually calibrate every single one of them, and it doesn't stop there, you'll need a multiple calibrations based on brightness and refreshrate which has to dynamicly switch based on situation. It's a pain, I'll tell you that much.

    I tested this with people and my custom kernel, all had colorbanding 95 - 100% gone, some had no red tint, others had slight red tint and 1 guy had massive red tint.

  • Except colorbanding, black crush and green tint being signature of a typical samsung panel. It's very common for samsung phones to have these issues, however, the rog3 and op8 pro took this to the extreme thanks to pixelworks failure of a calibration.

  • Hi @Danishblunt I have used earlier super amoled display.i never seen these issues. Is it beacuse of display used in ROG 3 phone?

    And I have raised the issue to CEO desk of asus they told I need to visit service centre. My question is it Hardware issue?

  • No its purely software and visiting the service center will do nothing.

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    Strange because on the samsung phones I see there is no visible issues, while every single rog phone has it lol.

    Maybe also samsung have black crush but is not a problem as long as you CAN'T see it.

    Let's say Asus is just scamming his costumers on the rog phone official website, saying phone has hdr10+... then my old galaxy s7 is 4K Hdr200+ in comparison

  • Only the rog3 suffers from colorbanding, the rog2 has black crush issues, meaning on low brightness dark details dissapear and get black.

    Here is an example of the S10 with colorbanding (which people still call black crush for whatever reason) and green tint:

    Here the S20 Ultra:

    As I said, it's not uncommon, even on samsung phones. However on the Rog3 it's just more extreme. Also HDR 10 is correct, the display is absolutely capable or HDR and it looks very nice, once the screen is properly calibrated. As long ASUS doesn't get pixelworks to fix this issue, the screen will always cause issues due to miscalibration.

  • @simo97.codega maybe asus devs are thinking users will connect phone with their brains thats why they don't focus on display 😂

    Samsung is known for its display quality. Thats why you can't see that much issue on display side of samsung.

  • Except I literally showed proof of your statement being a lie. Samsung phones have display issues. No need to lie to yourself, the grass isn't greener on the other side.

  • @Danishblunt Danish bro I spoke with Service leader of Asus of my area and they are forcing again and again to submit device to service. I am not sure what they will do. I told if i submit the device and issue is not fixed I will raise a consumer complaint for that.

  • Got it bro. I was just sharing the experience with devices I have used. I haven't seen the higher end devices.ROG 3 is my first high end device.

  • They won't do anything useful, I can promise you that you still will have color banding after you get it back. I am to my knowledge the only person who has fixed the display and I can tell you no matter what they do to the phone, it won't be fixed unless they write a custom kernel, which they won't.

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    The main difference is that not all samsung phones have that issue, and even when they have it, is A LOT less visible than a rog phone, I even prefer a green tint at low britghtness than a black crush everywhere

    What is true is that old amoleds without Hdr and 60 hz refresh are showing a lot better quality than this.. at this point a good quality Lcd would be a better choice...

    Another thing, I compared Rog Phone 3 to Galaxy s7 in a HDR+10 video... the colours are exactly the same, and this made me think HDR only introduced issues and not advantages in Amoled screens...

  • Thats literally what I said, while it's not as obvious as on the Rog3 it still exists. Only the rog3 and Oneplus 8 pro (which has a samsung panel btw) have been miscalibrated so badly by pixelworks that they boosted the colorbanding to a very noticable level.

    Not true, old OLED's are a lot worse. They were more consistent, but much worse in every single way. When I look at the S5 here and compare with my calibrated rog3, I can without a shred of doubt say that the difference in picture quality is massive. The S5 looks like trash compared to my Rog3.

    I call bs on your entire statement. Not only is the greyscale completely off on the S7, but it also isnt even capable of HDR content. There is absolutely no way in hell that both look even similair. Hell given how badly the stock screen has been calibrated I wouldnt be surprised if the S7 looks better.

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