About to buy Z8, final decision

Hello guys,

my One plus 3t is about to leave me and I'd love to take a Z8 , since it's more compact, fast and almost stock and I've found it at a great price, well below S21. I don't use gaming on my phone, except for very random plays, I use it a lot for daily productivity and multimedia and as a travel companion for video, camera, gps and my only alternative is the new nord 2 but it's bigger.

I've read extensively the topics about the heating issue and battery performance and I'd like to know if the experience is better after the update WW_30.11.51.103. Some of you said yes, some other say that the experience is still disappointing. The reason I give up with my current phone, which is quite old now, is because it's really heating up and battery is gone, things I don't want to see on a new phone (i'm kinda exagerating).

I thought I could gather some feedbacks here.


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