RoG-3 Tempered glass suggestions in India

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The current tempered glass I'm using doesn't have cutouts for notification light and camera. Dust has collected inside it so I want to buy a new one. But local vendor doesn't have one for it and the ones available on Flipkart/Amazon don't mention whether the cutouts are present or not, neither in details nor in the reviews. So, if anyone of you is using a good tempered glass then share the links please.


  • I am personally not using any kind of glass or protector , but you can surely find tempered glass with cut outs on Flipkart and also in amazon

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    I'm not in India, so I don't know if this will be available for you, but the screen protector I'm currently using is by PULEN.

    So far, I've found it to be working pretty good. It has holes cut out at the top for the camera, LED, and sensors. In my experience, it has not made the under-screen fingerprint scanner harder to use (recognizes my fingers just as fast without a screen protector). Pretty durable and scratch resistant, too. My only complaint is that while it does completely cover the screen, it's barely wider than the screen itself. So, you really have to be careful in applying it to not let the sides of the screen uncovered. Would be nice if it was a millimeter or two wider, I guess.

    For contrast, the screen protector I was using prior to this one was by WRJ:

    While this one was just as durable and scratch resistant, it really interfered with the fingerprint scanner. When I used this protector, I had to keep trying to unlock my phone (often having to resort to my secondary unlock method). I ended up replacing it because it somehow cracked on one side and completely spidered through the entire glass. I don't recall dropping it at all to cause this... but hey, better than the actual screen cracking and scratching, right?

    Same issue as with the one I'm currently using, it's barely wider than the screen itself (this seems to be a common issue with screen protectors, it seems). Due to the issue I had with the fingerprint scanner,I would not recommend this screen protector.

    So again, I don't know if these are available on Amazon India, but hopefully this helps anyone else looking for a screen protector as well.

  • Hi, i have been using this back cover and glass from last few months and can say it's ok, but compared to the other screen glass we buy from local shops this is different.

    Give it a try it's available on Flipkart, and it does have cutout on top and bottom speaker with sensor cutting but no cutout on camera and notification.

  • Yeah, actually currently I'm using this tempered glass only. Luckily, the front camera doesn't have the dust particles but dust has accumulated in notification light

  • The images shown doesn't have cutouts and even if they do, the images uploaded in the review section doesn't have the cutouts 🙁

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    This is another issue with buying a niche phone. I also have the glass installed that @g4m3raddict has suggested. Now, while the glass is good, i cannot use the case with the cut-outs as it fouls with the glass. I have to use the one with those bumped up corners like the one in the picture. Aero case of course works but i am afraid that of dropping the phone so i rarely use it.

  • Yes the case doesn't fit with this glass, i use the corner bumped case for daily use for better protection, aero is rarely used by me. By far this screen is good compared to other available on Flipkart.

  • Currently using this and it's pretty good.

    Available on their website too. The camera cut out is like what is shown in the product pictures.

    SPRIG Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Asus ROG 3 with Installation Kit

  • Thanks a lot. It's currently out of stock but I've created a trigger to notify me whenever it's back in stock

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