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Issues faced on Asus Rog Phone II (Phone 2) Android 10

I have had quite a few issues in my Rog Phone II.
Since this is a forum where I can seek help, I will post my issues here hoping that someone reads it.
I know, that's Asus has worked REALLY hard and has produced a great phone ata great price. And that's exactly why enthusiasts, gamers and general people have appreciated and accepted it. I will not talk about what's good.
I will only talk about what makes this phone difficult to recommend to anybody (since this is their flagship in India and spending this kind of money, a middle class or lower class person would expect a lot).

1. The phone heats up very frequently.
I used to play games for 1 or 2 hours stretch.. Not more than that. But that resulted in the phone getting too warm, especially at the rear vent side, to the point it got hot to hold. Charging also heats up the phone. I have hence, reduced my gaming, now I hardly play, as its not a pleasure anymore, and removed the tempered glass too.
2. The phone got completely dead for a full day and I still don't know why. I got super worried as it was a lockdown situation in India. I tried charging, but there was not indication (no light, no screen on).
I tried pressing the power button, power along with volume up 20 sec, power and volume down 20 sec... All combinations. Nothing worked.
Tried leaving to charge for 8 hours, but to no effect.. Tried same button combinations.. Still nothing.
Left it in my drawer for another 16 hours.
After a day, pressed power and volume down for 20 sec, and it booted up.
This was one horrible experience, and in my 6 years of using android phones. This never ever had happened to any phone.
So it was a bad impression for me (probably bad luck, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say)
3. Apart from heating, there are other issues as well.
Like the dialler, not being visible during a call.
So if I want to view a contact, I can't minimize the dialler app, and go to dialer to search for a contact (like usually with all other phones I had : Xiaomi). So I have to search for the contacts app and check numbers from there.. Its small, but it's irritating.
4. Sometimes, when I go home, and open recents tray, and touch on the last app I opened, it does not open. It takes 2 3 tries to open it.
5. Speaker is the best best best thing on this phone. I really love it. But sometimes, it crackles at full volume. (very few occurances, but would appreciate if it was a problem others too, and it got fixed)
6. Camera ain't good sadly. Any improvements availabe?
7. Can't use third party SMS service. SMS organiser worked beautifully on Xiaomi, Oneplus, Realme phones. It does not work for this. Messages often skip, OTPs don't arrive. Not the case when using default app.
Strangely, when I switch back to the default app, I get message notifications (of backed up messages) that were 2 or 4 years old, and these messages don't stop coming. Kills the notification shade and creates deep shadows at the top of screen (it's difficult to explain, but nonetheless mentioned it)

- Keshav

I have also started facing a lot of rotate issues. The acceleorometer stops working at times, and then starts fucntioning again. !