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Is the Black Crush Issue Fixed? Is this Hardware Issue?

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I am seeing black crush issues in Armoury crate as well as while consuming media like YouTube. I have compared with Another Amoled Display.
@Titan_ASUS @kikoly @Anders

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It's a software issue. The screen just needs to be calibrated correctly. Unfortunately, ASUS has not fixed this officially (yet). No amount of screen repairs will fix it, either.
There are unofficial means to fix this, which involve unlocking your phone and installing a custom kernel... so I cannot elaborate further here. If you really want to go that route, you'll need to search for it on your preferred search engine.

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@BPM I purchased this device recently. Should I go ahead with replacement then or wait for asus updates?

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If it's that big of a deal to you, your only real option is to get a different phone that has properly calibrated the screen.
Who knows if/when ASUS will fix it.
And trying to fix it yourself will void your warranty (if you have one).
There's been countless threads about this already...

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@Pervage @BPM I'll copy my answer from another thread on the same topic:
Since launch we have made several improvements to the ROG Phone 3 display, much thanks to user feedback here on Zentalk.
We are still discussing potential ways to optimize display performance further, but it's not a simple question of adding a few lines of code and be done with it. As such, take any user-made solution claiming to "eliminate black crush" with a grain of salt.