Is the Black Crush Issue Fixed? Is this Hardware Issue?

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I am seeing black crush issues in Armoury crate as well as while consuming media like YouTube. I have compared with Another Amoled Display.

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    It's a software issue. The screen just needs to be calibrated correctly. Unfortunately, ASUS has not fixed this officially (yet). No amount of screen repairs will fix it, either.

    There are unofficial means to fix this, which involve unlocking your phone and installing a custom kernel... so I cannot elaborate further here. If you really want to go that route, you'll need to search for it on your preferred search engine.

  • @BPM I purchased this device recently. Should I go ahead with replacement then or wait for asus updates?

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    If it's that big of a deal to you, your only real option is to get a different phone that has properly calibrated the screen.

    Who knows if/when ASUS will fix it.

    And trying to fix it yourself will void your warranty (if you have one).

    There's been countless threads about this already...

  • @Pervage @BPM I'll copy my answer from another thread on the same topic:

    Since launch we have made several improvements to the ROG Phone 3 display, much thanks to user feedback here on Zentalk.

    We are still discussing potential ways to optimize display performance further, but it's not a simple question of adding a few lines of code and be done with it. As such, take any user-made solution claiming to "eliminate black crush" with a grain of salt.

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    Thanks for the response, Gustav. Having a bit of software development history myself, I'm well aware of the difficulty of fixing issues (unlike a lot of the posters here who seem to think any issue can be fixed overnight like magic).

    However, there are user-made fixes that do seem to completely fix the display calibration issue, such as the custom kernel by @Danishblunt (who has posted extensive proof of his fix here), as well other kernels available on sites like XDA.

    So, the question becomes less "can ASUS fix it?" and more "why hasn't ASUS fixed it yet?" If ASUS's developers are having issues with calibrating the screen, why not contact these talented developers who already fixed the problem?

  • I need to correct you there, the kernels from XDA do not fix the colorbanding issue at all. It only fixes black crush. Multiple users have tried it, me included and lets say it's very...uhm... interesting.

    However your question is exacly the one we have to ask, I doubt the devs would not be able to fix it, I'm quite sure this has something to do with licensing, remember they released a phone with the marketing that it has been calibrated by pixelworks, I'm very sure they had to sign a contract that they aren't allowed to touch the calibration, which makes sense as pixelworks has to stand behind it.

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    Ah, thanks for the correction. I hadn't tried them (haven't even unlocked my phone yet), so I only guessed at their successfulness.

    That said, checking Pixelworks' website, apparently all four ROG Phones use their tech (as well as the ZenPhone 7). Some other notable partners listed, including the Black Shark line, the Lenovo Legion, and various OnePlus models... do all of those experience similar calibration issues? If not, then why do the ROG Phones?

    And if it isn't something ASUS can fix themselves due to licensing (assuming that is the case), then why aren't they getting on Pixelworks' case to fix it?

  • I don't know about the ZF7 but people have reported massive black crush on Rog2, I don't know if they refer to color banding or actual black crush, I do believe its the latter tho and the Oneplus 8 has the exact same problem as the Rog3.

    As for the pixelworks part, we can only speculate, maybe it would cost extra money and ASUS don't want to spend money on an outdated model, maybe pixelworks don't want to get back because it wasnt in their contract, I don't know, it could be a million reasons honestly. Since ASUS isn't transparent and we get different answers depending on which mod we ask, which I believe is due to the mods also not knowing what the devs are even working on. Anders claims they are almost finished with a solution while Gustav claims they are still discussing potential fixes. The only thing we can say for sure given from the responses is that there seems to be a lack of communitation.

  • Please share your kernel "privately" with some people. I unlocked my phone only to install your kernel. You're absolutely correct, kernels on xda don't solve the issue at all.

  • and than theres ARP ( no offence ) who still believe its a Hardware issue.............

  • @Gustav @Anders_ASUS @Titan_ASUS I know its not simple to fix with some piece of code. but my question is ROG Phone 3 is last year model and Its almost more than a year this device has been launched.

    I am a software engineer. I know how fixes work but atleast fixing this problem should be priority for devs and then complete the fix.

    If we don't get good software experience than how we are gonna consider ROG future phones while buying.

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