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Request to improve current AOD

Star III

Many issues in the AOD need to be fixed or improved, such as:

  1. AOD is very dim most of the time. Very annoying when a new notification is received. I understand that the battery drain can be an issue but when I choose the 10-second option it should not be a problem at all.
  2. The music currently playing is not shown. This is a very important feature while running or training at the gym.
  3. No weather info is shown
  4. No steps info
  5. No GIF or Emoji (a very cool feature in OnePlus phones) support

These problems are found in all ASUS devices, unfortunately. They have to invest more in the AOD.



I hope they fix and improve it soon, otherwise I need to switch to another phone. For me, AOD is important in daily life 

Star II

Yea, agreed the AOD on the phone doesn't really work. It needs to be updated.

Star III

I directly contacted customer service, sent a direct message to @Mattias_ASUS, and wrote many times in the forum. But, unfortunately, no response. I know this is a gaming phone but why not elevate user experience?

AOD dim brightness is unjustifiable