End of the line?

TheLostSwedeTheLostSwede Level 2
edited September 2021 in ZenFone 6

With the 8-series now well and truly out in market, does that mean us owners of the 6-series can forget about any more updates? It's August now and we're still on the April fools security update...

I had high hopes that Asus has decided to aim to beat Nokia at their own game when it came to updates, as until 2021, we were getting regular updates.

However, once the new models arrived, it seems like we've been forgotten, just as every other phone maker seem to forget their loyal customers.

I guess it was foolish of me to promote Asus as a good choice in the Android phone market, as it would seem they're no better than most of their competitors. I guess I should've known better.

I was even considering the Zenfone 8, but as it doesn't take a memory card, it's not an option and the flip is simply too big. So this is likely to be my first and last Asus phone.


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