[5z] Bad Service! Battery Changed 4 Months ago and now it is very Badly Degraded, Seeing Idle Drain.

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  1. Model Name: ZS620KL
  2. Firmware Version:
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Daily
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Hardware issue related to new replaced Battery.

On February 24th i got my battery changed from authorised service centre by paying a certain amount thinking that i can use my Zenfone 5z for another 2 years, even when i was getting normal 4hrs of satisfactory SOT for normal use from my 2.6 year old original battery.

About Changed/Replaced battery :-

Until 4 months there was no problem with my changed battery i use to daily get 6hrs of SOT for normal usage. And there was no idle drain.

From last 15 days i started seeing a lot of idle drain issue where i always need to charge my device for 2 times in a day (4 months old new Battery). So here i thought it may be a software issue and i still awaited and tried many battery restricting features for day to day usage but nothing helped and belive me i use to put my device on charge daily with battery care features i.e scheduled charging,Switch by battery level,Dynamic charging upto 80% and many other workarounds but still behaviour of my battery remained as it is. And with frustration Later after 12 days i decided to factory data reset to see if that will help. But issue is still the same.

After Factory data Reset :-

Behaviour is still the same even after using all battery caring features,even i use auto start manager denied all apps and also have restricted many apps but no help.

Now what i am seeing is if i dont use my phone for so long or u can say if it is kept idle/Standby drain keeps running in background while super clean feature for all apps is On, as soon as i lock my device Drain is continous. you can say for for every 1.5 Hr of idle time battery drains 4-5 percent approximately.

Daily while i Go to sleep i have turned super saving mode On, what i see is if i keep my battery 20% before going to sleep at 4.30am until in the morning when i wake up at 10.30am i see that my battery is 2-3% remaining or sometimes phone is switched Off.

Now here i really doubt if my replaced/changed battery is original. Which is provided by authorised service centre. I trusted Authorised service centre for Original battery and so i decided to take a chance and what i now see is something fisshy here even after paying so much to replace a battery. How can a origianal battery degrade soo much just in 4months after replacement?? While my old original battery which came with device use to give me 4hrs of SOT even after 2.5 years of usage before replacement.

Here are some proofs with date and time how battery is degraded and keeps doing idle drain while i was working for long time without unlocking my device (Auto start manager all apps are denied)👇:-

At 4.55 pm 50%

At 6.20 pm 46%

At 8.03 pm 41%

Now at night while going to sleep :-

At 4.25 am 20% (Super saving On)

At 10.58 am 3% (Woke up)

Overall SOT i am getting for normal use (4 months old battery only)👇:-

Battery page doesnt show that idle drain i dont know why,but aside battery starts to drain continous in the background as soon as i lock my device. 🥺😰

I never had any issues with my Zenfone 5z till date but just taking my device to Authorised service centre to change my battery by trusting them ruined my all Flagship experince and now i am frustrated with such backup. Is my replaced/changed battery not an original battery..??

help me with the solution my battery is still new. I am sad with spare service.

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  • NaitikKNaitikK Level 2

    Hi @AmitGarde! I think they provide a 100% warranty for 1 year on their spare parts. Why don't you call your service center?

    Even I want to know that how does ASUS ensure that the service center people do their job with complete honesty?

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    Mr Amitgarde. When I wrote about the problems with my own device similar to your complaint, you didn't believe it then. I shared the sot values ​​I got in the new battery. You said send your device to service. However, my device's battery has already been changed at the service. Now you have lived my experience too. I am sorry for this. Because Asus is cheating us so badly.

  • hkorkuthkorkut Level 2

    I'm sorry for what happened to you. But Asus is clearly deceiving us. My device's battery is about 8 months old. But still I get 5 hours sot value. Where is the problem? Software ? Equipment?

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2

    Not good to hear .Did you check the manufacturing date of the battery before they replaced ? Older the battery lesser the life . Also there are stories of some repair centers ( not specific to Asus ) putting in old refurbished batteries to make a profit .

    Btw , How long did they take to replace the battery ? They are asking me to submit the phone for a week for a simple battery replacement ..God knows what for.

  • No i did not check the manufacturing date of a battery because service centre doesnt let any customer in at there service room nor they are that transparent to customers. I am not sure what they did but they lost my trust. Visiting service centre with 100% faith of original spare parts seems a lesson now to me for future product buys from ASUS.

    Regarding service that was pretty hassle free for me and i was impressed here they ordered a battery for me by letting me use my device until battery was delivered to them, and after 2 days they called me to visit service centre for battery replacement when it was arrived. Which got me replacemnt within 45 minutes of my visit to service centre. I did not submit my device to service centre. Also may be there is reason because manager knows me very well where i have used there services since 2015. And there where many other experinces about service from that service centre between us. Sometimes hassle free sometimes many complains.


  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    Seems like something is draining your battery in the background it's mostly like some app and software related rather than hw

    I think I know what you're referring too sometimes the device gets hot and drains battery that has happened to me once or twice,restart device or check if some app is active in bg,or if android system drain is high deleting app data of some google stuff (services) sometimes helped me

    It varies check if something is running with autostart manager or try a factory reset

    I'm still using the original battery (3yrs+degradation) and still get 3-4 hr sot on an avg so your issue is likely to be software

  • Hi, we apologize to hear about your experience. please check your inbox for the private message I've sent you since the further information that we need involves your personal information. Thank you.

  • kikolykikoly Level 5

    The warranty period for paid repair and replacement of the battery is six months. If you think the SOT of the battery replaced at the service center is low, you should return to the service center for help.

  • Yes i will make a visit for sure.

    Let me tell you i have gone through every possible step also a factory data reset and there are no any heating issues nor any other problems observed everything is working flawlessly for me its about a new replaced battery which is faulty it seems.

    Thanks for the information guys. I am making a visit to service centrr as early as possible.

  • kikolykikoly Level 5

    If possible, please leave the phone in the service center for testing to confirm whether the battery is good. Reflecting hardware problems in the forum will only be directed to the service center.

  • With my faulty battery, case was like for 3 months battery was all good with 6hrs of SOT for normal use and no idle drain was observed but later the idle drain issue started just 20 days ago from now so i think even if i keep my device for testing it is hard for them to judge faulty battery but no problem i will make sure to follow ur step this time

    Thanksalot again for your quicker responses meanslaot!

  • Is your issue resolved ? I too wanted to change my battery but looking at your experience ,am nervous . You can check your battery capacity with Accubattery.Run it few cycles to get a more accurate actual capacity report .

    Can some one tell me what tests are done by the mobile service center to diagnose battery ? Its quite normal for battery to degrade after 2-3 yrs but it seems svc center wants a visit just to DIAGNOSE for battery change .. What are they diagnosing & how ?

  • I have submitted my device yesterday I had no choice than to reset my device again and again and submit my device to diagnose the real cause of issue in service centre. I got a call from Asus employ and he is cooperating with service centre they have asked me to wait till today and inform me until evening I am waiting for them to respond now ASUS employ who called me have asked me to stay worry free he will take care in my case and replace whatever is required. I will keep you updating here on furthur matter.


  • Hmm .. Not a very confidence inspiring flagship experience .. Multiple visits for a simple battery replacement . Are they doing R&D on your phone😂 ? Bad if this is your primary phone .

    Do you know what they tested in the name of battery replacement ?

    Asus Hardware is fine & the device is very capable but this sort of svc exp is disappointing . As much as ZF 8 is tempting , this one is putting me off .

  • @kikoly How do they test if the battery is good or not ? Do they need to open up back panel just to test ?

  • Update :- finally Service centre have diagnosed that battery is faulty in there whole testing process.

    But strange response from service after there finding was they asked me to pay to get me replaced my old faulty battery which I have replaced in February, I denied them clearly saying it's not my fault and it's just 5 months old battery how can any new battery degrade to such extent in just 5 months I can't pay anything for this, later ASUS employ started explaining me there warrenty policy which I was aware of which was valid only for 3 months. My clear answer was I will not accept it as my fault and will not pay for it. Then ASUS employ offered me a deal saying as a valued customer I will offer you a deal of 20% off on battery price which will cost you around 1k only with discount. I was shocked and I clearly told ASUS guy that I am not ready to bare a single penny and I told him it's ok I will report this experince on Zentalk forum as feedback to customer, since 2015 I have always tried very hard to sell asus smartphones more and more and I have almost sold 30 smartphones and 5 laptops since 2015 for ASUS by mouth marketing for ASUS and told him my forum record than he was shocked and quickely aksed me to wait for 10 min and call me back, I awaited in service centre for more 10 minutes and he later called me saying as you are our valued customer we will offer you battery for free of cost for this time we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    I later explained him this was my worst experince till date since 2015 from ASUS also I have given him feedback about how can they improve there service and I am always trying hard to push ASUS as a brand in market like india to increase there sells in whatever manner I can and this kind of treatment is seriously hurtning and later I thanked him and hang up

    It was a call from ASUS employ and not service centre. Now service centre is processing my battery replacing process further .and have asked me to wait for 4-5 days so that battery will arrive and they can replace it. Till then I bought my device from service centre as I don't have alternate device for daily use and have many important work to do on they have aggreed to take away my device and they will call me back whenever new battery arrives in there.

    I heartly wish ASUS to improve its after sales and also sales service in India for there growth as a brand india is a largest market I can understand that it is very hard to make everyone happy but atleast be customer freindly for your betterment or else many customers will stop buying any ASUS product with such service. ALSO why customer has to push himself by contacting officials internally for his service??? I don't want to share my whole experince but I was annoyed somewhere in the process. @Falcon_ASUS @fussion_ASUS @ARP_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS will keep you all posted with future experince until my battery is replaced.


  • I was on my way to change my battery but was sceptical about the same . Hearing your experience and the interaction I had with Asus folks I'm still not very confident about Asus service. You never get a clear specific answer from them. A battery after 3-4 years degrades by about 30- 40% and its quite normal to get it replaced ..Its not even clear what they tested in the name of battery replacement ..

    I too have done my bit to promote Asus devices on and off the forum to many people. And I still think Asus is a good alternate brand, but the approach to service needs to change. Either they are untrained or just trying to make a fool . And there is a lack of transparency in service .

    Also, I'm surprised they were going to charge you 1000 for the battery . The MRP listed on the site is Rs 640


  • @AmitGarde : Can you post the report from accubattery once you get your device serviced

  • AmitGardeAmitGarde Level 5
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    Price mentioned on website is exclusive of tax and service charges. So basically with tax and service charges price gets doubled up.

    Update :- yesterday i got my battery replaced without any charge and now i am testing it for my daily usage i will definetly keep you posted about battery performance so far all is well ;)

    And according to me and internet study accubattery is not a perfect app to study battery health. Also accubattery itself drains alot of battery in background so i dont use it and trust it. To check exact battery health service centre has a tool and a process to check it and according to them my old replaced battery which was showing me an idle drain is still 85% but even service centre was not sure what is the exact problem why drain is not seen for normal use and can only be seen on standby or device is idle.

    Service centre have asked me to report if there are any battery performance issue again. So lets hope for good here after....!

    On your request i have installed accubattery lets see what will be the results i will share those after 1-2 charge cycles.

    Thanks. @vkk178

  • Dude, be very careful with their servicing. It's been over a month and I still don't have my device repaired. I am convinced that the repair staff is untrained, unprofessional and non-transparent. They prolly f**ked up my device in the first 2-3 weeks and ASUS never acknowledges that. All it says is we apologise for the inconvenience. Absolutely horrible experience. This shall be my last ASUS phone. That's for sure!

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