ROG 2 performance drop when battery reach 3% below.

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Why my Rog 2 get performance drop when battery reach 3% - 0% ? After reach 3% open chrome or other app become lag and fingerprint scan became slow, Even i can't play game. I try throttle test when reach 1% with X mode.

But in real X-Mode not help with that performance drop. Any one face that problem ? Or just my phone ?

Sorry for my English.



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    This doesn't seem like anything. Dips can mean other processes are interfering and if you say you only see this at such low battery charge I'd say that is completely normal. Lower voltage means less power.

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    Hi, it's normal for device to reduce the processing power with less than 5% battery to last a tad bit longer. TBH try charging rather than killing device battery everytime.

  • @indraoey12 That's more or less by design and nothing out of the ordinary. As other's have suggested, charge your device before letting it dip to those levels and you'll be fine.

  • Hi @Gustav_ASUS , I'm not really sure this is a thing by design. I would like to remember everyone that this thing didn't exist with Android 9 and became a thing immediately when you released the Android 10 upgrade. Other devices from other brands don't have this behavior with Android 10. I won't define it a "feature" of Android 10, it's more like a bug for me, and really an unwanted one in my case. If I would like to reduce my performance with low battery, I would use the options provided by the Power Master for the low battery. So, I don't know if it's too late to be taken into consideration, but I would ask you to check this and if possible work on a fix because it's unacceptable that performance drops without the user permissions.



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    Put your phone on charger and on your way.

    Leaving your phone below 10% is actually killing your battery. The phone would slowly turn off useless things to save your phone from prematurely shutting down and prevent corrupting your system.

  • @Andrea I don't want to sound dismissive but I have a hard time seeing why this would be a major problem. The straight-forward solution is to simply charge your device before it hits 3% battery.

  • Hi @Gustav_ASUS ,

    I agree with you that it's hard to define this a problem but in my case it's still an unwanted behavior which I was very happy to not have with Android 9. The recharge solution in this case it's more like a workaround. As I said we have the power master features if we want to reduce performance with low battery, so if I don't want to, I don't understand why I should have this huge performance drop. Shouldn't be more fair to let the users choose what they want as it was with Android 9?



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    In fact, this phone not only drops performance when battery is low but also drops its performance within 48h (sometimes less) of usage. This is smth I have posted in these forums a lot of times already, did a lot of troubleshooting, hard reseted the phone, etc and still no idea why. This phone starts to lag even through the UI within 48h of usage. Very noticeable. Something that never happened in A9. Any ideas anyone? Thank you

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  • YuranYuran Level 2

    Hello? Any Asus representative please?

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    I've used my device for 200+ Hrs and still no lag or something. Everything depends on what is running in the background.

    And about performance drop at 3% is just not worth solving. Maybe android 9 wasn't designed for increasing use time at lower batter but maybe on android 10 , it has been done internally but every other devices that I own are running Android 11 now so I cannot confirm it but I have seen the same behaviour with android 11.

    My advice, don't make a big deal out if it just charge the friggin device. Discharging below 10% is straightforward killing your battery.

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    Your phone is also lagging for sure. If your fps cannot keep up with your screen refresh rate than it means its lagging, stuttering and this is exactly what this phone does on A10.

    Can you show me a screenshot of a test from the following sites:

    Let me know the results and the respective refresh rate of your phone.

  • Upper results at 60Hz and below one at 120Hz.

    These tests depends on the browser so you cannot make decision wether your screen is refreshing same as the set refresh rates... If you are seeing dips in frame rate force stop the chrome and do the same test again you will be surely getting normal results as chrome ain't the best when it comes to optimization. Just for the test, I haven't force stoped chrome but still getting acceptable results.

    I have done this test like 5-6 months back with around 120Hrs up time and still had acceptable results.

    I have nothing much more to say...

  • Thank you for your reply. Although allow me to ask you again to retest using:

    with your phone at 90hz or 120hz please.

    Also let me tell you that its not only Chrome that lags, any browser I use for the test above shows same results:

    Phone at 90hz and fps drop (60fps or less). This happens within 48h hours of phone usage, the entire phone lags, even within the UI back and forth the menus and options. This never happened to me on A9, same apps installed, nothing fancy, just normal ones, social networking apps, online banking, office, and things like this...

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    any help please?@Channapat@Channel

  • Hi sorry I'm not gonna test again. There had been a thread about this like 2 months ago... Many people have confirmed that they don't have problems and many did. So did that thread and maybe it also incorporates a solution for this also.

  • and which one is that thread please?

    Also, is there an Asus representative that can step in and help?

  • Charge your phone and don't use it below 5%

    It will save your phone life

  • Hello. Can anyone from Asus actually help with the issue described? not related to low battery. No matter what battery level, the phone starts to drag and lag after a few days of usage. No background processes hogging, plenty of ram available. This was not seen in A9. Is there a way this can be logged and analyzed? Thank you

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