Non availability of spares

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I was considering upgrading from the 5z to Zenfone 8 . But considering the lack of spares I am now thinking it would be a bad idea . I have been calling the service center since the last one month for battery & USB port replacement on my 5Z but it seems they dont have spares . Apparently, you need to submit your phone for a week AND then they will order the part AND then they will service your phone. Are they expecting you to stay without mobile for a what should be a 30 minute repair job . Compare this to other mobile manufacturers, ASUS seems to be lagging far behind .. Very dissapointed 🙄😓


  • This has always been the case

    I had the back glass panel cracked but they asked me to pay the amount first and then they would order the part

    It took them 5 to 8 days approx for repairing

    But considering the pandemic and parts availability ,the duration may extend

  • vkk178vkk178 Level 2
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    But they want me to leave the phone there . They can always ask you for some token advance . Shouldn't they atleast be having a stock of common spares like battery , screen , buttons .

    Same story after calling up the SVC center they don't even have battery stock.Wonder if Asus is serious about Indian Market

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